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Jul 2, 2019
Mar 20, 2024
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  • God Mode
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  • One Hit
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Zero City MOD APK is an exciting survival game that includes thrilling elements and events from the apocalypse. It’s perfect for players who are already familiar with zombie games. You can explore life after an apocalypse in this game where thousands of people have been infected with a virus and turned into zombies. These creatures have lost all sense of humanity and only know violence. You can choose to fight against them and eradicate them, or simply try to escape as soon as possible.

Zero City MOD APK

Story of Zero City MOD APK

Get ready gamers! You’re about to face an intense adventure against an endless invasion of the undead. Here’s the scenario: A lab experiment gone wrong has resulted in a lethal virus spreading quickly around the world. As a result, the previously healthy human population has turned into flesh-eating zombies, wandering the streets and searching for their next prey. The only way to survive is to fight back against these mindless creatures that rip through flesh and bones like savage beasts. And the best part? You get to be a part of it all!

It looks like you’re someone who has survived the initial stages of an apocalypse that is posing a threat to humanity. While the number of zombies continues to rise rapidly, there’s still hope left. With your gaming skills and quick reflexes, you can outsmart and avoid these creatures. Prepare to face an intense challenge in the tough world of DayZ. Only those who are brave and intelligent are able to succeed in this post-apocalyptic situation. Equip yourself and begin a thrilling journey to survive.

In the world of undead chaos, a single individual unknowingly sparked the horrifying zombie menace through military experiments, aiming to forge a formidable bioweapon. Patient Zero’s unfortunate encounter with a bite led to a rapid contagion, spreading like wildfire throughout the city and beyond, infiltrating continents. Now, safety is an illusion, and survival is a constant struggle. As the infection progressively engulfs more souls, the key to outlasting this apocalypse lies in discovering an impenetrable shelter, a sanctuary concealed from the insatiable hunger of the undead.

Zero City MOD APK Unlimited Money

A bunker equipped with fortified defenses, a stockpile of rations, and guarded water sources is the ultimate goal, but the scarcity of resources amid the madness amplifies the challenge. Yet, the battle is worth waging; it may be humanity’s last stand, but we must strive to preserve all that is precious before it slips away forever. But it’s worth fighting on; even if humanity can be lost forever… or at least we can try to save that which is most important and precious.


In this thrilling zombie apocalypse simulation, gamers will take on the role of a fearless leader, charged with assembling and readying their team to face the impending undead onslaught. At first glance, the gameplay might appear straightforward, but as you advance through each level, things get complex and exciting. Wisely managing your resources becomes crucial, as you strategically invest in essential supplies like firearms and sustenance, while simultaneously constructing new structures and upgrading existing ones using materials procured during daring missions.

Should a mission hit a rough patch, calling in airstrikes or deploying healing units becomes a lifeline to ensure your squad’s survival, ready to fight another day! Feeling the need for camaraderie? Fear not, as you can rally your comrades to join you in the intense campaign mode. Brace yourself for riveting player-versus-player showdowns, laden with enticing rewards and achievements, making it an endless wellspring of excitement! So gear up, and let the epic battle against the undead commence!

Zero City MOD APK free download

Zero City Features

Discover the coolest features of Zero City MOD APK.


Zero City provides a way to take a break from everyday life with its detailed graphics and desolate landscapes, immersing players in an interactive world. Unlike first-person or third-person carnage battles, players see everything on a 2D plane, making the experience more accessible. The gameplay centers around managing bases and completing missions like raiding outposts, all to fight against zombies.


To keep your base safe, you need to construct and enhance buildings, oversee resources, and train survivors to assist you in eliminating infestations. Creating Zero City is like assembling a puzzle, with each step requiring careful consideration. You can acquire additional supplies by attacking other bases or engaging in trade with other players.


You can train Survivors to become Experts and send them on missions to earn Coins and loot from Outposts. This will not only help you to handle zombie attacks but also provide additional supplies. You can use these coins as currency to trade with friends or purchase items for better efficiency in clearing out infestations. You can also bring back food stocks through these coins to prevent anyone from starving during a zombie attack.

Zero City MOD APK techtodown


Fight against the never-ending waves of zombies using a range of weapons, including close-combat knives and axes, as well as shotguns, rifles, and machine guns. Each weapon has unique stats, such as accuracy and strength, so it’s important to select the most suitable one for your level.


You can customize the difficulty of Zero City by adjusting different settings in the game. These settings include the frequency of zombie attacks and the rules for food consumption, which affect the performance of survivors during missions and crafting speed within bases. You can even choose whether survivors get hungry when they’re idle. Additionally, you can adjust weapon stats, such as accuracy and strength.

To defeat zombies efficiently, it’s crucial to use weapons with suitable stats based on their effectiveness in different situations. The game offers adjustable difficulty settings that affect the frequency of zombie attacks, food consumption rules for survivors, work speed during crafting items and hunger levels. The game provides flexibility according to what you desire.


In the game, there are weapons and protective gear that players can use. Weapons like shotguns, pistols, knives, and grenade launchers are available. Protective gear includes helmets, gloves, and boots to protect against zombie bites, body armor for bullet protection, and gas masks for toxic air caused by zombies breaking through defenses. It’s important to choose gear carefully because it will impact gameplay.

Zero City MOD APK download


If you’re a fan of watching zombies evolve and enjoy a hands-on experience, then you should download the game called Zero City Mod Apk.


What is the Zero City Mod Apk?

It’s a modification of the original game, which gives players more features and possibilities in it.

What are the benefits of modding this game?

There are many advantages to editing this game but some highlights include individual skin color, increased storage capacity, and an improved zombie AI for better gameplay experiences.

I am not interested in any mods; can you tell me what else there is in this version that makes it stand out from others like Dead Trigger (MOD)?

Yes! The latest update has included all weapons found on previous versions as well as new items such as gas masks with filters or body armor for extra protection against bullets when zombies find you.


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