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Mar 26, 2018
Apr 9, 2024
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MOD Info?

X Survive Mod APK – the latest version for Android devices. Join the area and build your own construction and fight the monsters there!

  • Unlimited Cash/Crypto Money
  • No Hunger/Thirst


Do you want to experience an island survival in an impressive simulated open world? Join the X Survive Mod Apk to experience a simulated life on a deserted island and discover the survival skills here. With interesting creative elements, the game has just been released but has had a huge impact on the gaming community. Download the game and overcome the challenges to survive in this game.

Introducing to X Survive Mod Apk

X Survive is an innovative survival, building, and crafting game for Android users, developed by Free Square Games. You will have the opportunity to participate in the beautiful sandbox world and build amazing structures here. This game will simulate a sci-fi life on an island, and your task is to build impressive buildings from your creativity.

You will discover survival skills, search for mysterious traces on this island where you are stranded. You can build a base for yourself, mine minerals, craft items, and do many other things to survive on this island.


Why do you need X Survive Mod Apk?

X Survive Mod Apk is a modified version of the game we provide for free on our website Techtodown. To bring you the most perfect game experience, our version will provide you with unlimited money, so you can buy anything you want when enjoying the game. You just need to free download this mod version on our website and feel free to express your creativity to craft equipment and build your base to survive in this game.

Outstanding features of X Survive Mod Apk

Collect resources for crafting and building

To survive in the X Survive game, you will need to craft many items and build many buildings for yourself. You can find much powerful equipment, exploiting a variety of resources in the environment from which you will need to use your creativity to craft the things necessary for survival here. You’ll start digging up the sand with terrain tools to find those resources. The sandbox game mechanics will give you the creative freedom to craft gear and build your base or city on Planet X.


To change the sandbox world around you, you can dig tunnels and different types of terrain to find crafting resources beneath the sand. You will become a real miner and find ways to earn the necessary resources to survive. You will also need to explore new lands to find and collect more diverse resources.

Build great buildings

Besides building survival skills, you can also modify your sandbox environment to your liking in X Survive. After collecting and exploiting different types of resources, you will build great buildings, and let’s start with simple boxes first. You will be creatively free to build your own base, it can be a high-rise building with a terrace, a swimming pool, and beautiful furniture. You can even build highways for your trams.

Encounter a kind of wild animal and zombies

When you survive on this island, you will encounter a kind of wild animal and they are very aggressive. You will need to level up and use the freeze gun to defend yourself and hold back the ferocity of those creatures. In addition, you may also face crowds of zombies at night, so pay attention to building a safe base to shelter on the ground.

Face significant and little obstacles

You will face significant and little obstacles in this game, so you need to solve them quickly. X Survive will provide you with a map on which you can explore and conquer. When you look at the map, you can see the terrain of the area, which might help you plan your trip. Furthermore, the game will give you a variety of useful weapons with which to fight.


You can also access a wide range of items required to help you complete this large-scale quest. This game gives you many vehicles to satisfy your exploration demands in new regions. You can also explore the secret bunkers above that region by completing special wall-firing tasks.


X Survive has impressive 3D graphics with realistic, detailed character designs. You will be taken to a real-world where the island is deserted and take on the survival challenges of the game. The game builds an open world where you unleash your creativity. The game won’t make any binding rules, so you can do whatever you like in this game.

FAQs about X Survive Mod Apk

Can I play this game without an internet connection?

  • Yes. You can fully enjoy this game offline, so you can be entertained anytime, anywhere you want.

What resources can I discover in X Survive Mod Apk?

  • You can discover over 500 building element libraries as well as a big sandbox island in this game. You can mine, build, fight and dig with the help of science fiction tools. Feel free to get creative to craft and build in this game.


Download X Survive Mod Apk to unleash your design and creativity in this sandbox game in this game. This game will create a great attraction for you and a solid environment for your creative freedom. Enter the game and test your survival in an exciting, realistically built open world. Explore many different lands and find lots of resources to mode and build a strong base against dangerous elements in this game.


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