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MOD Info?

Download Wordscapes Mod APK – To play this game well, you must be a person who has a lot of knowledge of vocabulary and understands their spelling



How many words can you make with the letters A, D, L, and Y? Wordscapes MOD APK (Free Shopping) is a word matching game where you only need 4 characters to make meaningful words.


Introducing Wordscapes

Challenge your vocabulary with this fun game. With simple word puzzles, the game of PeopleFun publisher makes you think in extremely twisted ways. Can you remember all of these words in the correct order?

Solve puzzles by spelling

Words are an incredible invention for humankind. They can be used to create a lot of sentences for daily life. Sentences are an important invention to help people communicate and record important things for future generations. Thanks to sentences, we are able to read stories written thousands of years ago.


In this new mobile game, you spell words by linking together the characters below. It’s a lot like playing with a word search from your childhood try not to get too nostalgic! The goal is to complete all the empty boxes, so have fun and try not to get too competitive. This is a puzzle and word linker game, which means you need to know lots of vocabulary and its spelling. It’s easy to play! There’s no time limit, and you get unlimited tries. Just think of any word you can when you come to a difficult puzzle. The game evaluates you with the Brilliance score, and the reward is coins.


Apprendre comme jouer

This game is so cool. I’ve learnt so much about words and their meanings without even realizing it! There are very few games that offer such a fun and educational experience like Wordscapes. You can play to learn, or just to have some fun. You can also use the internet to look up any word you don’t know the meaning of. The game has no time limit. The characters are displayed in a circle like a clock, meaning you can change their order by pressing the button on the left. If you’re stuck on one level, use the “hint” button with the light bulb icon. Each hint costs 100 coins, which are hard to find. It’s not worth it to abuse this feature.

Nombre illimité de puzzles

It was time for me to put my vocabulary to use, so I opened Wordscapes. To be honest, I don’t know who publishes this game, but they must have access to all the dictionaries in the world. Level 28765 is not easy, but after playing for a month, I learned many new words. Now, my vocabulary is better because of this game. The puzzles in the early levels are easy because they contain strings of short and popular words. However, it’s more difficult when the words get longer and more difficult to find. Sometimes I find a word, but it’s not selected for me to use. Fortunately, Cameron is there to help me. He’ll give me a bonus word that I can then use in the future if I run into that same puzzle again.

One thing that makes Wordscapes hard for players is that there are many acronyms. The game includes many words that not too many people know, but they count as correct answers. I think the game should focus on more common vocabulary so that no one can find it difficult.


Wordscapes is a great game for you and your children to play together. With this educational game, your living room is also an exciting and rewarding classroom. You can enjoy quality time with your family while teaching them lessons about words and how we use them.



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