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You may have sold a variety of things in tycoon games, but have you ever run a cannabis business? If not, you should play Weed Firm 2 MOD APK. It has one of the most diverse genres of business games, where you can make a fortune selling various sorts of weed. The fact that there is always something to do distinguishes this from other similar simulation games. Furthermore, you know how certain games limit your actions because you’ve depleted your energy? That will not happen here. Ready to kill some time? Continue reading!


What is great about Weed Firm 2? 

Weed Firm 2 is one of the few business simulation games with a distinct and in-depth plot. This series’ characters will be known to you. Following the events of Part 1, you join the student Ted on his weed planting missions in the hidden laboratory. He maintained his work cultivating and selling cannabis to regular clients in the region, using an old abandoned gym.


Here is a list of things that you will enjoy in this wonderful game:

  • Interesting Characters

You’ll meet a variety of folks from many walks of life in this game. You earn money and acquire their esteem by selling them the pots you’ve cultivated. You can even roll a joint with them to become even more ‘high’ and enhance their respect meter!

  • Different types of weeds

Consider yourself knowledgeable about cannabis. You won’t know until you’ve played this game. We’re all aware that Bush Weed is insufficient. Handling simply one sort of weed is also tedious! This game introduces you to the various weeds accessible. This will undoubtedly keep you intrigued as well as curious whenever you unlock a fresh cannabis strain!

Have you ever tried rolling an OG Kush? In Weed Firm 2, you will! Just like in real life, after you’ve started with what you think are simple joints, you’ll begin to crave those great weed strains! Think about being able to sell them as well!

  • Lots of given tasks 

This game is fairly easy to understand. Weeds are planted, given water, and then sold. Even though you might believe it becomes monotonous after a while, once you start playing this game, you won’t experience anything even quite resembling boredom. Only when you pretend to be smoking those joints does it get addictive!

You must complete a number of specified activities listed on the blackboard in order to advance in level. As you advance in levels, you can interact with more people, grow more cannabis varieties, and even muster the bravery to plant in front of your first shop. When will you be prepared to encounter aliens and cultivate magic mushrooms?

  • Various upgrade for your lab

You start from scratch in Weed Firm 2! The ancient gym where your store is located has worn-out walls and damaged floors. By occasionally showcasing progress, you can convince your clients that you’re serious about hustling weeds.

They will start to believe you have greater supplies as soon as they notice such modifications, and you can anticipate them to inform you more frequently. Additionally, if you display fresh wallpaper, couches, or any other products in your store, it affects the frequency of your customers or the caliber of your plants!

Tips for playing Weed Firm 2

Are you stuck in Weed Firm 2? You’ve come to the right place: here are some tips to get you started on your path to success!

  • Don’t forget to smoke

Smoking is terrible, and smoking pot is bad and illegal in many nations, but not in Weed Firm 2. In the game, you should smoke as much as possible because it boosts customer respect and fills up your high meter, which should be kept as full as possible. If there are no consumers nearby, you can watch the free ads to fill the meter.

  • Pots, pots and more pots

You must be able to cultivate as much marijuana as you can in order to sell as much of it and smoke as much as you can, and the only way to do this is to acquire as many pots as you can. Since you can discard low-quality pots after you have more money to grow your business and improve the quality of your product, you shouldn’t worry about them at the start of the game.

What to expect to the Weed Firm 2 MOD APK on TechToDown? 

Alternatively, there is a simple way to master this game, that’s through installing the Weed Firm 2 MOD APK on TechToDown. This is a modified version that gives you Unlimited Money right at the beginning of the game. As such, you can feel free to buy the best tools for your lab.

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads



Guys, you cannot feel the fun of this game just through our words. So what are you waiting for? Download Weed Firm 2 MOD APK on TechToDown and enjoy your time.


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