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We like drama and we like oriental cinema

Indeed, we have a penchant for drama, be it Latin American telenovelas, Spanish, Turkish, or even those hailing from Asia, such as Chinese and Korean series. Asian music also holds a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, accessing the finest Asian series, movies, and music bands isn’t always a breeze. Naturally, the most popular and trendsetting ones eventually find their way to our shores. However, countless gems remain hidden. Luckily, we live in the era of the Internet, where computers and mobile phones dismantle cultural and geographical barriers, granting us access to a vast array of content that eludes major platforms like Netflix or HBO. Of course, staying up-to-date with the best websites and applications for this purpose is crucial, though not always a walk in the park. Not only due to the overwhelming number of options available, but also because of the rapid emergence and disappearance of different apps and websites. Today, we present to you one of the most sought-after options for Android users: Viki. Read on to discover more about this mobile application that allows you to indulge in the finest Asian series and movies, all for free and completely legally.

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What is Viki Android?

Viki is the official Android application of the website bearing the same name. It offers a vast collection of series and movies from around the globe, with a special emphasis on Asian content. Within its extensive catalog, you can discover some of the most notable productions from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. This allows you to indulge in the mesmerizing performances of renowned stars like Ji Sung, Lee Min Ho, and Kim So Hyun. The best part is that this application is free, granting you access to a vast majority of its massive content library in exchange for occasional advertisements.

Viki main features

The main features of the Viki app are:

  • A large collection of series and movies from Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.
  • The possibility of connecting with other fans of Asian cinema.
  • A practical search engine in which you can even search the profiles of the most important stars in Asia.
  • It includes subtitles in more than 200 languages, including, of course, English and Spanish.
  • The content includes ratings and the opinions and ratings of the community of followers.
  • It is completely free, although two paid versions eliminate advertisements, among other things.
  • It includes a tab called Collections or Collections through which you can access different categories of content. Among them, they stand out Best Kdramas, Kdramas with Kpop idols, medical romances, and many more.
  • It is not necessary to register, although if you do you can enjoy functions such as continuing the playback where you left off or interacting with the fan community.

What can you watch with Viki?

With Viki, you can watch a wide variety of series and movies. Some of the most popular by country are the following:

  • Korean dramas: Among the different productions that you can see, Melting Me Softly, While you were sleeping and Descendants of the Sun stand out.
  • Chinese Dramas: There is also no shortage of the most popular mainland Chinese productions. Some of the most popular are: Nirvana in Fire, Go Go Squid !, Eternal Love, Princess Agents, Scarlet Heart, and Legend of Fuyao.
  • Taiwanese Dramas: Highlighting hits like HIStory3, Before We Get Married, Hello Again!, and Behind Your Smile.
  • Japanese Dramas: Including hits, like You’re My Pet, Naughty Kiss, In Time With You, and Hakuouki SSL.

What, unfortunately, you will not find on Viki is anime. In any case, to enjoy the best anime you have applications like Crunchyroll or Anime Center.

Viki Premium apk

One free and two premium versions

Viki is a free and completely legal application. It is supported by advertising, but there are two paid versions available that eliminate ads in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. The basic paid version, Viki Pass Basic, is priced at $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. This version not only removes ads but also allows you to enjoy content in high-definition (HD) resolution. Viki Pass Standard, on the other hand, comes at a higher cost. The monthly subscription is $4.99 and the annual subscription is $49.99. With Viki Pass Standard, you not only get an ad-free experience and HD resolution but also gain access to a selection of popular STANDARD dramas and movies. To give it a try, both paid subscriptions offer a free seven-day trial period. For Android users, Viki is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher versions.


The Viki application is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive platforms for watching Asian movies and dramas. With its vast content library and thriving community, Viki stands out among the rest. The community plays a vital role in providing subtitles for many of the available shows, fostering a sense of collaboration. Moreover, Viki goes beyond being a mere content-viewing app. It allows you to connect with fellow fans and explore information about the prominent stars of oriental cinema. The best part? Viki is completely free and legal, even though it includes ads. If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can opt for one of the paid versions.

Download Viki Premium APK for free for your mobile device

Get the latest version of Viki Premium APK for free on your Android device and dive into the world of the finest Asian series and movies. Viki Android is a secure, free, and fully legitimate app that guarantees your entertainment.


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