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So, you have got yourself a six-string and have gingerly strummed your way. What now? Sure, you can keep on googling for guitar tabs to other songs, but to really improve as a guitarist, you will need some help. Yes, you can engage the services of a private instructor. But how about using free guitar apps? Whether you want to learn to play crazy licks, heavy riffs or just strum along with some simple chords, all your learning needs can be fulfilled by a good guitar app. But the question arises, what is the best guitar learning app out there? There are so many possibilities that it is almost overwhelming! Stop struggling! We have a suggestion for you: Ultimate Guitar Pro APK. Reading on to get immersed information about this app.

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What are the features of Ultimate Guitar Pro?

There is a great deal of subtlety to the Pro Tabs in Ultimate Guitar, making them boundlessly more practical, precise, and helpful contrasted with the free, plain content renditions.

Notation-Style Tab Sheets

Normally, Guitar Tabs are shown in a Courier textual style composed up in a plain book document. This can be valuable in specific settings. But it limits the data you can show on your Tab sheets. This is not the case of Ultimate Guitar Pro. It comes with notation-style tab sheets, demonstrating timing, bars, and a wide scope of notational components.

View of Fretboard

Ultimate Guitar Pro shows you a fretboard from an edge that appears as though you are looking down at the fretboard and cooperates by indicating the fret area for each relating note in the Tab sheet. When the Tabs play, there will be a yellow spot on the fret and string relating to each note. This is very useful and can be considered as an important instructing apparatus.

Ultimate Guitar apk

Chord Versions of Each Song

One of the coolest, “low profile” features of Ultimate Guitar Pro is the inclusion of chords-only versions of each song. This lets you quickly pick up the basic chord progressions for a song, regardless of whether it is played in a traditional acoustic or chord-friendly rhythm style.

Freely customize it to suit your needs

Ultimate Guitar Pro also allows users to set notes, use interactive Tabs and hit the right tempo, making it extremely easy to access new songs. Besides, Ultimate Guitar Pro lets users choose the most comfortable chord variation from the world’s biggest library of chords. More interestingly, users can also use guitar tuners to edit the sound element, allowing you to achieve the right sound whenever you want.


It is technically possible to print the free Ultimate Guitar content. But in fact, there is no print button. But thing changes in the Ultimate Guitar Pro. The printable version of each song is available in Pro Tabs. You can see the print button to the right of the screen over where the Tab starts.

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Download Ultimate Guitar Pro APK to get premium features for free

Ultimate Guitar is the world’s largest catalog of guitar chords, lyrics, and tabs. If you are looking for one of the best guitars learning software out there, Ultimate Guitar may be the way to go. Especially, its Pro version allows users to access everything from tutorials, customizations or any song you want. But to upgrade the Pro package, you have to pay for around $6 a month and $15 a year. Lucky for you. We are going to provide you with Ultimate Guitar Pro APK. With the aid of this latest version, you can get all the premium features of Pro account in Ultimate Guitar without paying any subscription. Just enjoy! So, are you ready to get the world’s largest catalog of guitar, bass and ukulele Chords, Tabs and Lyrics to learn your favorite songs? If yes, what are you waiting for without downloading Ultimate Guitar Pro APK?


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