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Speed is key in this endless arcade racing game. Traffic Tour MOD APK challenges players to complete levels, while also training their reflexes and reactions. Released in November, the game quickly captured the attention of racers around the world. Players can complete levels at the speed of light without fear of any risks or traffic violations.

Introducing Traffic Tour

Forget about the traffic. In Traffic Tour, you are the only one on the road. This is a new mobile racing game with endless roads where you can drive your dream car. The gameplay is similar to other mobile games like Asphalt 8, but there is no opponent or rider to race against. Instead, you face yourself and your driving skills. Improve and train after every drive and become the best driver out there.

Traffic Tour is an endless racing arcade game, but you can’t let your guard down. The game requires players to complete tasks to progress to the next level. The levels range from easy to difficult, so it’s important to practice your driving skills. It’s not just about racing—it’s about being a good driver.

Traffic Tour MOD APK

You don’t need to worry about your car colliding with others. You’re fine and everyone’s okay. Your car is still driveable too, but if it’s been in that position for a while, well, it might be time to stop and check out the damage. The only thing you’ll need money for is finding a tow truck. That’s right, tow trucks are where you’ll find power-ups like cash and energy to activate your nitro.

Easy controls

Want to play like a pro? Here’s a quick guide on how to control your car in a racing game. First, there’s the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and those pesky lefts and right arrow keys. Secondly, tapping the accelerator allows you to use nitro, which helps you run faster. However, nitro should only be used on huge roads with little traffic. Driving too quickly can make it difficult to control, and cause you an accident.

The Traffic Tour app provides three different driving modes: tilting your device, tapping buttons, and steering with the virtual steering wheel. If you’re using a smartphone to play the game, by tilting your device you can maneuver just like a steering wheel.

Touch the left-right buttons to turn and tilt your phone for the car to change direction. For a more challenging option, choose the virtual steering wheel mode. The car game features a camera icon on the left. You can choose from seeing from the rear of the car or the driver’s POV, as seen from the cockpit.

Explore realistic graphics

Traffic Tour is a game that simulates real driving to have the most immersive experience possible for players. They are careful to use the best images. Traffic Tour features many different weather effects including desert, snow, and more. They also include high-quality sound and background music to help players feel completely relaxed in their journey.

Traffic Tour MOD APK

Enjoy exciting game modes

Traffic Tour is a game with many different modes. Racing Now mode is an online mode, allowing players to compete with friends or other online drivers. You can invite your friends via social networking Facebook, and race to the finish line. There’s also a seasonal rating system that ranks the best drivers. After each season, all drivers receive prizes corresponding to their position in the rankings.

Unlimited Updates

Traffic Tour is well known for its high-quality graphics and outstanding gameplay. However, one of the best aspects is the variety of cars available. Traffic Tour has more than 40 models of luxury sports cars like Ferrari or Porsche. Traffic Tour starts you off with a Grand GR45, but you can make money after each mission to buy your next car. In Career mode, for those hard missions, there are three types of upgrades to help you succeed: handling, braking, and acceleration.

You can also buy better wheels to make your car look more impressive. I really like Traffic Tour, but there are too many ads. When I upgrade my car, change the color scheme, buy cars, or complete missions, I am shown advertisements. This can greatly affect the experience. I hope that the publisher will take care of this and reduce the number of ads in the next update.


Traffic Tour is not without flaws, but it remains a racing game worth playing. The graphics are captivating and the gameplay is riveting. Players will enjoy the fast-paced cars and the intense missions. For those who love adventure and speed, this is a game they can’t pass up.


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