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Sep 26, 2018
Sep 27, 2023
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Grease Money Game has released a new racing game called Torque Drift. Although the game has only recently been published, it has already gained a significant number of players due to its highly appealing and engaging gameplay. Players may engage in hot, violent races with professional racers from all around the world thanks to Torque Drift Mod APK unique strengths and features.

What is Torque Drift APK?

Grease Monkey Games has just published Torque Drift, a new racing game. Besides those games that we have already mentioned such as Renegade Racing and Rebel Racing, Torque Drift promises to provide you with fascinating experiences. Torque Drift gives every gamer with thrilling racing. Your main goal is utilizing all of your abilities to drive the most expensive supercars, cross the roads, and beat the same opponents to get the prize and gold awards, and beautiful gifts.


Torque Drift APK Features

When you come to Torque Drift, you will have the chance to compete against thousands of other racers in a heated competition. Of course, no King has ever climbed to the throne easily. As a result, before officially competing in the global tournament, the racer must accomplish the difficult workouts in their preparation regime. The instructional system will give all of the essential information to assist gamers in becoming familiar with the controls. In addition, the initial fundamental lessons will teach you to know to drive, accelerate, and brake.

System for supercars

The track system is a wonderful feature that distinguishes the Torque Drift brand. Hundreds of different racing cars with various appearances and attributes are available in the game. In terms of speed and endurance, each vehicle type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is a component that aids players in making decisions that are in line with their interests and abilities. Many well-known brands, including BMW, Lamborghini, and Audi, will be included in Torque Drift, allowing you to admire them in the most authentic way possible.

Create and equip racing vehicles

Furthermore, the game lets players personalize their racing car with a variety of accessible extras. With a few clicks in the assembly shop, you can change colors, replace specific pieces, and update systems. Money is used to purchase accessories, and money is awarded at the end of each race if you win. If they have enough money, even gamers can get new cars. Joining the race with the world’s best supercars will be an unforgettable weekend event.

Make a supercar of your own design

Torque Drift presents an incredible array of supercars. There are over 100 cars from well-known companies such as Audi, Lamborghini, and BMW, among others. Each car has a unique, eye-catching appearance as well as unique capabilities. You have complete freedom to customize the vehicle to your preferences. Use the money you earn from winning races to improve your car with accessories. There will be a display of strengths, weaknesses, speed, and endurance for you to pick from with each type of accessory. You may also add to your garage by purchasing a new vehicle.


System of control

Torque Drift has a familiar control scheme that will take little time to get used to if you are a seasoned player. The controller will have left and right navigation buttons, brakes, and acceleration function buttons. All of this is simplified on the screen interface enabling players to easily handle and demonstrate their abilities. Note that the Torque Drift course will feature numerous dangerous bends, and your goal is to master them. This is also one of the track’s difficulties, which players may make use of to remain ahead of their opponents.

Highly 3D graphics

Graphics are always the most important component for most gamers since they have a direct impact on the quality of the experience. Outstanding visual quality will be required to inspire players in a racing game as intense as Torque Drift. The fine carvings display the elegance of the top-of-the-line racing systems. Furthermore, the effects on the track, like damage, impact damage, smoke, and fire effects, are displayed in highly vivid quality. Despite the high-end visuals, Torque Drift‘s capacity is still average due to several upgrades. As a result, the game will be compatible with the majority of mobile devices, which is an important aspect in bringing it closer to a worldwide audience.


Torque Drift MOD APK version for Android

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Fast racing cars always have an advantage in Torque Drift, so use the MOD money to unlock and upgrade faster, stronger cars.

  • Free to play

Despite all of the amazing features, Torque Drift is still available for free on the Google Play Store. However, if you want to play the full version of the game, you will have to pay for advertisements and in-app purchases. If you do not want to spend your money, you should look at the modified version of Torque Drift available on our website.

  • Enjoy the Mod version

Torque Drift now has unlocked gameplay, allowing players to participate in epic races and drift challenges. You will not be bothered if you play the game without advertisements. Play online with friends and other players in a fully unlocked game mode, complete with free shopping for everyone. Simply download Torque Drift Mod APK from our website, follow the on-screen instructions, and the game will be ready to play.


Torque Drift is a well-known racing game with innovative features and stunning visuals. This will be the most exciting race you’ve ever seen, as well as a chance for gamers to demonstrate their abilities. Torque Drift has currently surpassed 1 million downloads on Google Play. When there are so many other racing games on the market, this is quite an outstanding figure for a new game.


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