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Mar 26, 2024
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If you are a color lover and want to express your creativity with colorful colors, download Tie Dye Mod Apk app now. This is a fun simulation game where you will find a way to color your outfit to suit your personality, and taste. You will have the opportunity to capture every fashion trend from summer t-shirts, dresses, bikinis, and many other fashion accessories. Find out the fascinating features of this app to help you create your own unique style with color combinations in the text below.

Introducing to Tie Dye Mod Apk

Tie Dye is a simulation game to help you get creative with summer clothes, published by Crazy Labs by TabTale. This game is inspired by DIY videos, and you will become a talented designer in this game with the task of expressing your creativity to create colorful and outstanding clothes. With exciting gameplay, you will surely be immersed in the world of color and creativity in this game.

Tie Dye Mod Apk 1

Highlight features of Tie Dye Mod Apk

Simple gameplay

The Tie Dye game has simple, interesting gameplay that you just need to carry out the necessary operations here. You will need to touch the screen to engage with the system, follow the directions, and accomplish the work. The game’s system will guide you on how to color in the most detail in the beginning, you will select a shirt to roll up, then tie it all together with elastic bands to aid in keeping the shirt closed and in place.

Tie Dye Mod Apk 2

Then you will need to decide which dye bottles to use to drip the desired color onto the cloth, submerge the garment in a prepared basin of water and lift the belts out of the way. You are sure to enjoy the wonderful work you have created with this game.

Design and decorate your store

To attract more customers to your store, you can design and decorate your store to make it appealing. You will construct and expand it from a straightforward, little coastal shop to make it the biggest shop in the city.

Tie Dye Mod Apk 3

Additionally, you can also alter the settings and add extra decorations to the props, and you can unlock decorations by using money earned from labor or by watching advertisements. Everything is offered in tie-dye, including houses, furniture, props, bonsai, and even putting a mountain range behind the business.

Construct the design you choose

Playing the game is simple, and you will receive various orders from clients every day. Each buyer will specify the color of their preferred shirt, so you must now construct the design you choose.

Your shirt will be graded on three different criteria:

  • Creativity: This is the simplest category to score and how nicely the garment is designed is evaluated by creativity. Your score in this category will increase the more you explore your designs.
  • In this game, your ability to arrange your colors to produce a stylish article of apparel demonstrates your skills. You should perform exceptionally well in this category as long as you maintain an expansive imagination and an open mind.
  • Colors: The actual color will be the last factor used to evaluate your success. This category will give you points based on how well the colors work together for the required color. You will need to use the specific colors they ask for if you don’t want to get a low score.

Receive stars

Your product will receive stars for customer satisfaction when used. Each product can only receive a maximum of 3 stars for inventiveness, technique, and color and you will get more money the more stars you get.

Tie Dye Mod Apk 4

When you complete the stages, additional clothes and special kits become available. Now, the Tie Dye game has 12 rubber bands, 15 dye sprays, 7 rolls of supplies, 9 outfits, and 12 solution barrels.

What is special in Tie Dye Mod Apk?

Tie Dye Mod Apk is a modified version of this interesting game that we provide for free on our Techtodown website. With our mod version, you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases while enjoying the game like in the original version.

This mod gives you unlimited money so you can buy whatever you want and unlock in-game tools without paying any fee. This mod also unlocks all the advanced features of this app to help you enjoy the game to the fullest by creating unique shirts.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock all

Final words

Download Tie Dye Mod APK to create the hippest shirts and outfits thanks to the attractive features of this game. You will just need to take a white T and transform it into the most attractive one to sell for money. You can also use buckets of paint to create the savage designs you want, then try to match them to the ones on the screen. Feel free to create impressive tops with outstanding color combinations with your creativity.


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