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May 29, 2020
Apr 4, 2024
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Download Tangle Master 3D MOD APK  – the lastest version for Android. Are you looking for a puzzle game? Then Tangle Master 3D is what you need.

  • Unlimited Money


Tangle Master 3D APK is a brain puzzle game with unique gameplay that was just released on Google Play and App Store. In this game, you must disentangle the tangled strands. Tangle Master 3D Mod APK includes several levels, each of which has a different set of requirements. The game has basic gameplay and promises to provide you with a variety of stages ranging from easy to challenging. Once you complete the task, you will be rewarded with a variety of appealing presents. Find out right now.

Tangle Master 3D – Untangle colored ropes

Tangle Master 3D is a brain-twisting game in which you must untangle multicolored strands. If you enjoy puzzle games that need you to solve a problem, Tangle Master 3D is the game for you. Rollic Games created the game, which is now available in a free MOD APK version. Tangle Master 3D has a basic design, a horizontal bar for hanging ropes, and five-movement positions. You only have a certain number of movements, so find out how to debug while you are waiting. You have a lot of time and can ponder as long as you like, despite the restricted number of movements. As a result, try to interpret all of the knotted threads in the shortest amount of time possible.


Tangle Master 3D is a challenging game

You use your intellect to touch the ends of each rope, then transfer them to a vacant place to remove the ropes that have been entangled in the quickest time possible. You can only move one thread at a time. When your number of strings is deconstructed and vanishes, the task is complete. The game has a variety of stages, with the task increasing in difficulty as you progress: At first, you can only remove up to two ropes before the number of strings increases to the following level.

Gather fresh rope

Even when the ropes are of various colors, you may still gather new ropes. Tangle Master 3D‘s ropes remind me of ropes. It is not a fragile wire, but it has a rather wide diameter. The closing buttons on each motion are always quite firm.


Activate a new button

The button aids in the holding of the cord’s opposite end. Animals, diamonds, flowers, and hearts are just a few of the eye-catching button designs available in Tangle Master 3D. Originally, there were round buttons, which you had to lift and close each time you moved. The ropes appear twisted, yet they are securely fastened. There’s no need to be concerned about it slipping off.

Finish the task

Tangle Master 3D currently has 14 tasks for you to complete. The player is rewarded with a bonus and a new rope rod after completing the game. Replace the pencil-shaped horizontal bar with something fancier. However, if you fail the challenge, you will have to pay again if you want to play again. It might be a third of your bonus, so think about it every time you move the rope.

3D visuals and vibrant tones

The game has 3D visuals and simple gameplay. The visuals in the game are highly eye-catching, with vibrant tones and a range of color combinations being employed. It will undoubtedly pique your attention. After moving the wire, the noises that are close to you will produce a different sound, and upon the wire is successfully removed, other sounds such as squeaking, creaking, and the sound of victory ringing when crossing the game screen will be heard.


Tangle Master 3D Mod APK latest version for Android

Play offline at any time

To make the game more accessible, mobile gamers may now play Tangle Master 3D offline at any time on their mobile devices. As a consequence, you’ll discover that the game is ideal for casual gaming, particularly during your everyday commutes or whenever you’re outside. No Internet is required to discover and appreciate Tangle Master 3D‘s many fascinating features.

Completely free to play

Despite all of the interesting in-game features, Android players can still enjoy free gaming on the Google Play Store without having to spend anything. Feel free to take advantage of the fantastic in-game features and fully enjoy the mobile game.

Play the modified version of the game

Furthermore, you can always choose the free and unlocked version of the game on our website to make the game more fun. For you to completely enjoy the game, we provide ad-free and limitless in-game money. Feel free to customize the game as you see fit, but avoid the in-game advertising. All you have to do is download the Tangle Master 3D Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions to get started. Colorful ropes in Tangle Master 3D make you assume you’ll earn prizes from the stages. There’s no need to improve or hasten anything. All you have to do to win the challenge is stay calm. You can spend a long time on a level after downloading Tangle Master 3D MOD, but try not to run out of moves.


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