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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
October 20, 2021
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The puzzle game Supernatural City MOD APK is published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. You take on the role of Ellie Delmar, who is looking for her father who has gone missing. And from now till then, you are aware that you are an anomaly as well.

Supernatural City – Research and solve mysteries

Supernatural City APK is a puzzle game created by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the creators of the Angry Birds series. With their fresh new jigsaw puzzle, they have given the gaming community another unique and exciting experience. The game will take you on an exciting adventure in which you will be required to solve jigsaw puzzles to learn more about the game characters backstories. Let’s go on an adventure to Supernatural City to see what surprises await us!

Supernatural City APK for Android has presented the mystery of the supermarket city in a very charming and vibrant way. As a result, it is not surprising that the game was well accepted by the global player community and has garnered hundreds of downloads since its release. If you are searching for a game that mixes a mystery problem with some lighthearted amusement, this is the game for you.

What makes Supernatural City APK so engaging?

Supernatural City Mod Apk

Fascinating storyline

The mystery in Supernatural City is not terrifying, but rather charming and colorful, thanks to the game developer of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment. Ellie is a little girl in this story. Ellie got a weird phone call one day, claiming her father was gone. Ellie quickly traveled back to New Gateway, where she was born and reared, a modern, massive, and busy city.

When she entered the house, she was astounded to see everything messed up, shattered, and rolling around, and her father was nowhere to be found. You will locate each object one by one, open them up, and acquire a variety of power sources in a variety of methods.

You recognize that this source of strength comes from your capacity to interact and feel with spirits, not from reality. Ellie’s life had altered dramatically when she began conversing with the same ghost in her childhood home. Ellie, as a messenger from heaven, listens to the spirits’ requests and assists them in achieving their goals.

Ellie is also eager to help others in her everyday life when they are in need and it is within her abilities. What no one expected, however, is that the real humans and the spirits in Ellie’s house are linked. All the mysteries of this enigmatic gorgeous city, the secrets of her father’s absence, and the secrets of Ellie herself are progressively exposed through these pieces of the puzzle.

Pleasant and energizing gameplay

Supernatural City Mod Apk

Rather slow gaming is immersed in that color film. Ellie is composed in virtually every situation. Even though you are transforming into Ellie, your heart is pretty tranquil because of the way she managed, listened to directions from an invisible fairy, and then confronted the problem cleanly and gently. There are just two primary activities in the game:

  • Everything in your house should be heard, read, and felt. Interact with the ghosts. Everything has worth and significance. You will only be moved to the new scene after it is completed.
  • Match-3 puzzles are a fun way to pass the time. You will almost certainly play a match-3 game after each instruction or item.

You must perform these two tasks regardless of whether you are following instructions or dealing with the concerns of a living or a ghost. And for someone with your background in mobile gaming, like you, everything is a joy.

The ghosts are endearing as well as deep

Supernatural City has a large cast of characters. Each individual has their own story, body, and form. They have issues that they cannot address on their own and must rely on Ellie. You will receive a thank you present from someone every time you help them, which is also a valuable item.

Ellie will be able to further explore her own particular talents using this set of objects, as well as the stuff she finds along the journey and the scores she earns from match-3 levels. Alternatively, it may be utilized to link, weave together, and learn more about this enigmatic city.

Supernatural City Mod Apk

During the journey, Ellie was not alone. She will be surrounded by adorable friends, particularly the charming ghost dog. These friends have very a nice appearance. What astonishes me the most is how the developer developed a complex tale with so many people who were (or used to be) inhabitants of New Gateway City. Then, when they interact with one another and with Ellie’s own tale, things gradually unravel, ending in a surprising conclusion for the player.

Graphics and music in the background

Ellie will have the option to go along each city street and explore areas she has never been to before. Just glancing at the screenshot shows how charming and colorful everything is, especially the facial expressions of each character. Background music with a hint of mystery and romance is woven into it. Each motion has a calm and logical sound to it. Nothing too loud, nothing too loud, simply little noises from everyday life that give a new and extremely real impression.

Supernatural City MOD APK latest version for Android

Supernatural City Mod APK provides you with limitless money and energy, allowing you to accomplish all of the levels with a three-star rating. In addition, so many characters have been unlocked in Supernatural City. Supernatural City is so powerful that they want to beat you, but you can easily destroy them with this mod version.

Ellie is one of the key characters, and she was not alone on her journey. She will be surrounded by adorable friends, particularly the charming ghost dog. These friends have very a nice appearance. What astonishes player the most is how the developer managed to build such a deep tale with so many characters.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Energy

Supernatural City Mod APK is not just a fun puzzle game but it is also a full-fledged immersive experience with a variety of animations, stills, and effects. Is a simple yet emotional story of Ellie and her close friends enough to capture your interest?

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