Starsteel Fantasy Mod Apk v1.19.0 (Menu/God Mode) Download

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Nov 27, 2021
6.0 and up
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Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK is a mobile role-playing game with appealing puzzle gameplay that is ideal for most gamers looking for light enjoyment after a long day at work.

At initially, the game will play out like a typical role-playing game, but when it comes to a turn or a monster encounter, the game interface will change to a puzzle system. This is a crucial assumption for determining the amount of damage and skills you can utilize in battle. Does this pique your interest? Continue reading to learn more about the game.

Everything to know about Starsteel Fantasy

In Starsteel Fantasy, you will take on the role of one of four heroes. Fight legions of monsters, dragons, strange slimes, and so on to ensure the world’s safety. The colored stones that represent the elements that make up heaven and earth represent your and your teammates’ strength. When you combine enough colors, you will be able to unleash a magical move with the power of that element on your enemies. Who will triumph in this long war between good and evil? It all comes down to your ingenuity.


And here are interesting things that Starsteel Fantasy can bring for you:

A tactical match-3 puzzle

You don’t have to worry about learning new skills or struggling to complete difficult tasks. This is a game for unwinding and pure entertainment. So, if you want a game with slow bombardment, brain explosion tension, and sublime plot twists, Starsteel Fantasy is clearly not for you. Those of you looking for a light role-playing game, such as pink feathers, should turn on the green light to proceed. The game will begin similarly to a traditional RPG: there will be a brief story, a reason and motivation for the fight, and character selection and customization. The unusual only begins when you encounter your first enemy. The game interface will immediately switch to the classic match-3 screen at this point. By cleverly arranging and quickly winning match 3 challenges, your character will cast moves and damage enemies each time a match-3 line succeeds (corresponding to a move of the corresponding color). The detailed match-3 solving process can be thought of as a guide for the hero’s speed and attack ability.

A classic but attractive RPG game


Starsteel Fantasy has a strong conventional role-playing element from the start of the game, when you choose your character from a variety of classic RPG classes like Healer, Tank, DPS, and Magic. Keep a check on the character’s Illness, Summoner Spells, and Efficiency stats while you travel to the battlefield to ensure their safety. These three stats are also upgradable in a cyclical fashion following each victory. Playing match-3 allows the player to make the move, but the decision to increase their stats is entirely up to them.

Create your virtual world

You can also create a thriving kingdom by taking part in this game.  Additionally, you can doa slew of other fun activities like making weapons, upgrading equipment, and calling legendary heroes to help defend the new realm.

Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK – Why is it required?

As mentioned above, Starsteel Fantasy features a wide range of bosses which are hard to defeat. That’s why we highly recommend you to take advantage of the Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK. This is a modified version that has been optimized by third-party developers, aiming at giving players the most enjoyable gaming experience.


The modification in this game will grant you: Mod features:

– Menu – God – Sword DMG – Spirit DMG *All effects are connected to the Enemy The dmg is stronger then God Spirit dmg is not connected to the enemy

With those advanced features, it will become better at the game. Is that your goal? In conclusion, Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK is a perfect combination of 3 genres of role-playing, fighting and match 3. You will not expect one day to immerse yourself in a light but tactical game in this strange way. Download the game right now and have fun.


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