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Mar 15, 2024
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Space pets MOD APK is a cute casual hidden object game in which you assist Lily and her friends at the Space pets agency in finding homeless, cute animals on Earth and transporting them to other worlds where they will find happiness and loveCan you complete this mission? Download the game for free at TechToDown and immerse yourself in a world full of cute animals.

Introducing to Space pets

Space pets is a fun and addictive smartphone game in which you play as aliens! And your mission is to tour the world in search of small pets. Sounds intriguing? Continue reading to learn more about what the game has to offer:

Space pets Mod

Exciting new hidden object mechanics

Space pets is a simple object-finding game. Only, unlike many similar games, these items come to life and take the form of cats and dogs. You must look for them in a variety of settings.

It should be noted that this is not an easy task because the animals are little and sometimes move. The beam takes three seconds after activation to transport the pet to the ship. If the dog exits the action area within this period, you will fail. The game will then deduct a few seconds from the time allotted to finish the level.

10+ different location biomes with 9 rich animals

In this game, you can travel to more than ten biomes that contain thousands of fascinating items that are arranged in various settings for you to freely learn. Furthermore, the game will supply you with nine rich animals, and your mission will be to capture them all. The animals will also have unique actions to enable you have the most fascinating play environment.

Space pets Apk

150+ handmade unique levels

The game will allow you to explore numerous levels of gaming to challenge yourself with hazardous challenges to boost the excitement for players. In addition, each level will include stories with unique occurrences that will help you achieve new goals. You may capture animals in the game by using UFO beams to speed up the capturing process.

Find a home for pets!

The protagonist of Space pets has a really noble mission that is looking for animals and provides them new homes. You will, in particular, take stray pets and cats from Earth and deliver them to rich families from other universes. You will frequently receive cute images from grateful animals and their new owners as a token of thanks. Collect a collection of such images to share with friends or to preserve as a keepsake.

Colored graphics

Space pets features colorful and attractive graphics that are provided in both HD and 3D formats. The image is vivid and detailed, making the gaming much more fun. Visual special effects are of a high quality and properly compliment everything that occurs. The controls are simple, and you can operate it with with one hand!


What to expect to Space pets MOD APK on TechToDown?

As previously stated, each level in Space pets has a time constraint. Because there isn’t much time, you might not be able to finish the task. Special tips can help you avoid this. For example, you can request a drone to fly around the region and point you in the direction of a lost pet. This is worthwhile if you are unable to locate the animal in any other manner. You can also utilize time dilation or the acceleration of the cosmic ray, which rapidly transports animals to itself.

Although hints are limited, they may always be purchased at the expense of diamonds. With that in mind, we suggest you download the Space pets MOD APK on our website, which allows you to use unlimited diamonds. As such, you can lots of hints. Awesome, isn’t it?

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No ads


All said and done, right now you can download the Space pets MOD APK on our website and get an unforgettable gaming experience!


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