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Apr 28, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what the interesting songs were playing at the coffee shop? Or if you come upon a nostalgic song but can’t recall its name? Then this excellent SoundHound MOD APK app would undoubtedly come in handy. Feel free to install the app on your Android device to quickly recognize tunes playing in a nearby café, someone else’s phones, or interesting soundtracks on one of your favorite movies, and so on.

SoundHound MOD

What to know about SoundHound?

When it comes to music, you may have a complex requirement. In addition to listening, examining lyrics, reading singer and songwriter information, sharing music on social networks, keeping your memories and music preferences, you want the program to be able to identify any music. It could hear any nice songs on the road, call the proper name, instantly save it to the list, and then connect that song to another enormous music store… Yes, there is a lot packed into a single app. That is why you need to utilize a robust tool like SoundHound.

Now have a look at what SoundHound can do for you:

Identify songs you hear anywhere

It’s a bit of smartphone magic: Just keep your phone toward the music sources then SoundHound will identify and tell you which song is playing.

SoundHound‘s beauty is that once it recognizes a song, it returns much more than simply the song title, artist name, and album. The results page includes a wealth of information, such as similar artists, a list of albums on which the song has appeared, and even a link to the artist’s upcoming tour dates.

Play all discovered songs

And for those that are interested, you may easily play all of your newly discovered tunes. Select the amazing SoundHound app and connect to the built-in YouTube music player to play the selected songs right away. At the same time, if you have a Spotify account, you may play your tunes through the great music library. Always listen to your newly discovered songs in the finest video quality available.

Enjoy music of different genres

Song recognition is the most outstanding feature of SoundHound. But in essence, it is a mobile music app. SoundHound owns a significant number of songs, both licensed and unlicensed, that will provide users with the best music experience possible.

Pop, Rock, or powerful EDM melodies will truly immerse you in the party atmosphere. Do you prefer romance? The more appropriate music will be lyrical or country. Simply enter in the title of their favorite music, and the app will provide relevant results. You can listen to your favorite song whenever you want.


Offer voice control

This app also comes with the interactive controls that allows you to use your voice to command SoundHound. Raise your voice and then SoundHound will follow your requirements whether it is searching for music, playing specific playlists, or many others.

Keep track of music for each person

SoundHound, as a dedicated music player, includes a plethora of basic functions for music fans. SoundHound Headlines, for example, will assist you in discovering new music and learning more about your favorite artists and performers.

You can also save the appropriate music as a Playlist with a name of your choice. Simply play the entire playlist as necessary. If you want to share a good music on prominent social networks, SoundHound makes it simple by providing iTunes URLs, YouTube videos, and so on. Simply click the share button, and you’re done.

Why do you need SoundHound MOD APK?

SoundHound is a music streaming network designed exclusively for music fans like you. This application offers the most powerful features to fulfill the music listening needs of all users. If you want to get the most out of this program, download the SoundHound MOD APK from the link provided below.

MOD features:

  • Extra features unlocked
  • No ads



If you are one of the many people who enjoy music yet have a bad recall, we propose SoundHound MOD APK. It’s a small app, but it’s a great pocket DJ. Download it and check it out for yourself!\


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