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Aug 2, 2015
Aug 16, 2023
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The car racing game genre is always popular and very popular today with fun gameplay, easy to play, and also challenging. Experience the feeling of driving fast racing cars, show your driving talent in Smashy Road Mod Apk. You will participate in races, follow the rules on the track and evade the police. If you love this exciting racing game genre, join the game now.

Introducing to Smashy Road Mod Apk


Smashy Road Wanted is a car racing game that is produced by Bearbit Studios B.V. In this game, you will assume the character of a sought fugitive, so you must flee from all police forces on the ground and in the air. The more you progress, the more incentives you will receive. You need to escape from the police for as long as possible. Let’s find out the attractive features the game brings to you.


Traditional car racing games have the familiar gameplay of reaching the finish line to win. However, Smashy Road: Wanted has new and attractive gameplay when combining racing and action elements. You will participate in spectacular vehicle chases that can last for hours on end.

You will also have to elude the cops when the cops are closing in on you, and you must make quick decisions to avoid being apprehended. Are you able to outrun the cops? You will be driven by Special Forces, SWAT, tanks, and even military jets. You’ll be driving a pixelated vehicle through many maps with a variety of varied environments to control.

Variety vehicles

When participating in exciting car races, you will need a huge collection of different cars. You can unlock vehicles to be ready to participate in dealing with opponents. The game offers you more than 90 different cars, and the number of cars will increase in the future. In addition, the game gives you the option to modify your vehicles, making them more capable of dealing with following cops.


A lot of maps

Smashy Road Wanted has lots of randomly generated maps, which you can never learn no matter how long you play the game. You will have a completely new and exciting experience when participating in the game.

The game also has unexpected components that add to the appeal, enticing to the races. You’ll be riding across various terrains, such as arid sand, asphalt highways, and even endless green grasslands.

The online leaderboards

To make this game experience more interesting and dramatic, you can create an account setting up Smashy Road: Wanted and join other gamers in a worldwide network. You can compete with them and show off your progress and brag about your abilities and achievements.


This game will provide a live leaderboard and will show your progress and rank against others. You can also see whether any of your Facebook pals are playing the game and invite them to join you in the game.

Graphics and sound

Smashy Road: Wanted features 8-bit graphics and a top-down view that clearly shows the police chasing you. The game’s vehicles have the appeal of each sort of vehicle, particularly the larger ones such as SWAT cars or tanks. Pictures of the thief, the black-clad cops are also particularly impressive. You will experience the game with accurate and reasonable sound effects. When you’re on different terrains, you may even hear the sounds of your tires changing. The sound effects for the cops, SWATs, troops and other units are all excellent. The soundtrack in this game is rather calm and peaceful. When the cops become aware of your presence, the music becomes faster and more menacing.

What is special in Smashy Road Mod Apk

When you participate in car races in Smashy Road: Wanted, you will have a choice of many cars to unlock. In addition, you will also choose a lot of maps in the game to participate in the race. To unlock the cars and get the full experience with this game, you will need to make an in-app purchase from the Google Play store. You will need to pay from $1.06 to $5.49 for each item to have what you want when experiencing the game. But, if you download this Smashy Road Mod Apk from our website, you will have access to and experience the game with unlimited money. You will be able to unlock any car you want and have an enjoyable experience with this game.

FAQs about about Smashy Road Mod Apk

Is the F1 car the fastest in Smashy Road Mod Apk?

  • Along with the Rocket, Drag Racer, and Stealth Drag, the F1 has the fastest speed of any automobile in the game.

Is Smashy Road Wanted free to play?

  • Smashy Road is available on Google Play to play for free but you can have to buy some game items for real money in-app. But, by downloading this mod apk version from our website, you can experience this game with unlimited money.

Role-play into the character in the game Smashy Road Mod Apk, participate in exciting racing matches, and run away from the police chase for as long as possible. Play with your friends and other players to compete in car races and get high on the leaderboards.


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