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Jan 3, 2024
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Slumber Mod APK will put both adults and children to sleep quickly. Music for meditation and sleep, ASMR

Slumber Mod APK – Get to Sleep Fast with Sound and Meditations

Do you have a hard time going to sleep? A 5-minute app called Slumber will assist you in falling asleep quickly. Unwind and climb into bed. You will feel tranquil after listening to our meditative tales and meditations. Every episode is created to calm your thoughts and try to lure you to sleep.

The UI is simple, and it is simple to use. To achieve a good night’s sleep, you can schedule your time and track your sleep. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store offer it. To take advantage of the features of this application, download and install it.

Slumber: Fall Asleep Insomnia combines several elements that are intended to make it easier for you to fall asleep. Anyone may use it due to its straightforward UI. The degree of difficulty can be changed to suit your requirements. You may set your bedtime with the alarm clock and timer in the Slumber: Fall Asleep Insomnia MOD APK.

This application can be used even when you are asleep. Your sleep patterns will be automatically monitored, and the settings will be changed as necessary. And it can improve your quality of sleep.

Slumber Mod APK

Start falling asleep without any difficulties

Slumber: Fall Asleep Insomnia, anyone who wishes to start falling asleep without any difficulty, experiencing the events of the day, previous tensions, and the like, will find Insomnia to be helpful.

The project provides its listeners with a vast selection of stories, meditative tunes, and simply relaxing sounds for the perception that they will prepare you properly and assist you in entering the realm of dreams swiftly.

So, all operations and procedures will be carried out exactly as the user desires thanks to convenient management and interaction mechanics. After obtaining the outcome, there were no issues or manipulations.

Slumber Mod APK for android

Outstanding Features

  • A vast library of ASMR soundscapes, bedtime stories for children, and sleep-inducing stories.
  • You can unwind and fall asleep with the assistance of meditation storytellers and guides by practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and suggested hypnosis.
  • You can design the ideal sleeping environment with customizable background music and sleep sounds.
  • Get 10+ free Slumber episodes. For complete access to the sleep library, sign up as a premium member.

Bedtime readings and calming meditations

You will discover that you have access to an incredible selection of bedtime stories and nighttime meditations to aid in your ability to go off to sleep and stay asleep all night. You can easily switch off the narration to concentrate on the story because each one is meant to be pleasant and calming.

You will also have access to more than 650 bedtime stories and meditations to aid in falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night.

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Suitable suggestions to enhance your sleep

Some practices might truly benefit you when it comes to sleeping well. We have some useful suggestions to assist you in getting a better night’s sleep, from establishing a regular bedtime routine to making sure you receive enough sleep each day.

Whether you struggle with insomnia or not, we have the best selection of relaxing bedtime stories, soundscapes, and meditations.

Stories by well-known authors including Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and other outstanding authors and illustrators are included in our collection.

Our bedtime stories are made to make it easier for you to go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up rested and ready to face the day.

We have more than 650 bedtime stories for both adults and kids, ranging from time-honored favorites to fresh, contemporary tales and a few downright ridiculous ones.

To track your sleep, use a sleep quality tracker.

With the help of our sleep quality tracker, you can gain a thorough insight into your sleeping habits, including the quantity and quality of your slumber as well as you are breathing and restlessness patterns.

The tracker contains a seven-day sleep record and offers insights into your sleeping habits so you can see how your sleep patterns alter from week to week.

Slumber Mod APK unlocked

Deep relaxation with music and sleep sounds

In Slumber: Fall Asleep Insomnia MOD APK, you can prepare for bed by listening to the more than 250 calming sound effects, music, and nighttime meditations featured in Insomnia. We are confident you will discover anything to unwind right away.

Pick from more than 650 bedtime stories for kids and adults. We have a story for everyone, from fairy tales and classics to current and modern fiction.

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Slumber Mod APK is a collection of deeply calming, sleep-inducing stories and meditations created to treat insomnia and speed up your nightly sleep.

Our relaxing sleep sounds, stories, and meditations can help you nod off in no time once you have settled into bed and your head is resting on your pillow. Each episode aims to soothe you deeply and assist you in turning off your mind.


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