Shop Titans: RPG Idle Tycoon

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Do you love business, want to open your own store, and become the boss that manages it. Or you are a gamer, like to collect weapons, equipment, other items, etc. Then join Shop Titans Mod Apk right away. With the game, you can build your own shop and sell weapons, armor, etc. You can sell your types of equipment to your heroes so they can fight strong bosses and villains.

Introcing to Shop Titans

Shop Titans Mod Apk is a role-playing game where you can create your own shop within a fantasy empire. You can sell armor, swords, potions, and a variety of other items. You can develop and customize your shop with sales money to become a rich boss.


In Shop Titans Mod Apk, there are many fight scenes with monsters, but combatants are heroic characters, not you. You will have another mission is to develop formidable weapons for the heroes to use. Your contribution is so consequential to help warriors have the quality equipment to fight. You need to become the world’s largest weapons manufacturing and trade tycoon.

Become a rich shopkeeper

Shop Titans Mod Apk has many monsters, but you don’t fight against them like other games. You will have a shop, and sell weapons, armor, medicine, and other items for heroes. Many kinds of heroes can enter your shops such as warriors, magicians, dwarves, or even ninjas. You sell many items for heroes and become a rich shopkeeper.


The heroes will require many appropriate fighting equipment and special abilities. You will awake their potential strength by designing weapons that are tailored to each hero’s capabilities. With your powerful equipment, heroes can easily defeat dungeon opponents. So, you can get a large amount of booty as well as gold money that they bring you.

Add more equipment for your shop

You open a shop, so you need to follow, and develop your shop to avoid going collapse. You are willing to meet the needs of heroes because they always need power equipment to strengthen themselves.


You need to add more weapons to your shop by engaging in the Shop Titans search mode. So, you can explore new places, fight monsters, find the materials to create items, and find more equipment for your shop. Moreover, you can collaborate with the town’s tailors, pharmacists, carpenters, and others to develop more helpful things like medication, caps, and armor.

Grade your town

Your shop depends on the environment around you. You need to pay some money to invest in your town. When your town develops, it will attract more people to your town. You can upgrade buildings, parks, etc around your shop to many people know your area and buy weapons or other items.



Shop Titans Mod Apk is an RPG game that has beautiful 3D graphics. The game’s characters and scenery are excitingly hand-drawn and simple. They look so smooth and gorgeous. The graphics have been tailored to content of the friendly game, and you can play it with anybody, anytime, anywhere.

Features of Shop Titans Mod Apk

Shop Titans is an idle crafter RPG that you can build your store, create epic armor, swords, and other equipment for heroes who defend you and your village. With the game on Googe Play, you will need to pay real money to purchase something or unlocked characters. But, play this mod from Techtodown, you can easily enjoy the game with unlimited money. Besides, you can get a wonderful piece of quiet background music that is ideal for relaxing.

FQAs about Shop Titans Mod Apk

What is the genre of Shop Titans Mod Apk?

This is an RPG type game that you will be the owner of a shop selling weapons, costumes, and equipment for heroes in the game.

Is this game frequently updated?

Yes, the game is updated frequently with more advanced features to it.

Does this mod have any requirement to install?

To install this Mod, you need an Android 5.0+ and with a minimum free space available of 500MB.

Shop Titans Mod Apk is a fun RPG game where you can become a talented arms dealer. Your mission in the game is not to defeat the powerful enemies to save people. But your mission is so important, you need to focus on making the most powerful weapons and items to sell for heroes. They need to have powerful weapons to fight against monsters and save your town. Enjoy the game and help heroes!



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