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Oct 13, 2023
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You’re a Shooty Monster and you’re fighting the evil Shooties. Shooty Monsters Mod Apk is a modern fighter control game in which you take on all sorts of Shooty challenges to save your friends and family from their clutches. This version has unlimited money and infinite lives!

About Shooty Monsters Mod Apk

Shooty Monster is a game that you’ve undoubtedly played before, with the same control scheme and setup. You will pilot your plane and attack opponents of various shapes and abilities as you play. When upgrading components or utilizing boosters, each aircraft may temporarily acquire power. At the same time, because to these elements, you can quickly damage enemies or defend the plane from passing the level.

Dramatic gameplay

In Shooty Monster, players will come across a wide variety of thrilling shoot-em-up stages with unique challenges. You’ll be able to quickly discover many different mechanics that allow you to gain more strength and feel accomplished after defeating the foes in your path. At the same time, it’s easy for you to get into and immerse yourself in the lovely environment provided by the game.


The game’s world is incredibly lovely, with many enemies and abilities to be wary of. It is also useful for you to watch the new elements appearing and the aircraft’s health bar to minimize damage as much as possible at the same time. Furthermore, by merely moving the plane and unleashing strong abilities to destroy your adversaries across just a few swipes and taps on the screen, you may traverse around freely without being stuck anywhere.

Pass different levels

In Shooty Monster, players will encounter enemies gradually appearing in front of them, and the plane will begin to assault them. At the same time, they will provide you with a large number of resources to collect as well as one of these things that aids in increasing your power. Before they can attack your plane, you can assist your bullets in being fired and killing foes on a big scale more easily. Each aircraft has its own set of components, but the most important feature they all have in common is that they are limited in application. The first thing you should consider is the number of explosions you can do and their destructive power, which may eliminate your foes who appear in front of you. At the same time, if you are afraid when facing a lot of opponents, you can turn on your shield to become immune to damage for a set amount of time.


The degree of difficulty depends on the level you’re progressing through, and it might be a good idea to read over these requirements before accepting to begin the stage. Each star you earn corresponds to a request that you’ve completed, which is why many people want to achieve as many stars as possible when completing a level with 3 stars.

Unlock new planes

The player will acquire a plane at the start of Shooty Monster and begin combat shortly after. Of course, they will also see a list with the different number of stars representing various aircraft types, as well as how many resources to unlock in order to gather them. Each aircraft has two objectives that cost two different kinds of resources: gold to improve damage and speed, and diamonds to increase the player’s starting amount of attacks.


New feature

  • In its first flight, the aerospace masterpiece creates an experience that is both breathtaking and authentic.
  • To face the foes that appear and complete the game’s mission, you’ll quickly see and control your plane.
  • Each stage has a set of minimum requirements and a maximum grading that the player must achieve in the greatest possible way.
  • Airplanes’ power can temporarily be increased by collecting spawn items or boosters with a limited number of uses.
  • You can unlock many planes with various stars and improve the statistics of your initial units versus a wide range of formidable foes.

Download Shooty Monster Mod Apk

You’ve been playing the same old shooty game for years. It’s time to get in on all of the action with Shooty Monster Mod Apk! This modern fighter control game has unlimited money and infinite lives. Plus, you can play as your favorite monster or even make up your own character! So what are you waiting for? Download this version with mod apk now.


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