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Jun 16, 2016
Mar 17, 2024
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MOD Info?

Download now Shadowverse CCG Mod APK – free for Android devices. You will experience a turn-based card game played by more than a million people every day.

  • 1 hit kill
  • Enemy 0 damage


If you are a person who likes to play cards, you definitely cannot ignore Shadowverse Mod Apk game. You will be playing card games with many different cards right on your phone. The game will bring you many attractive features so that you can enjoy the game screen in the most fun and comfortable way. Continue reading to learn about these features and the beast card system in this game.

Introducing to Shadowverse Mod Apk

Shadowverse CCG is an attractive card game with many cards with diverse themes and rich and diverse images. You will enter the game with online multiplayer in many dramatic turns.


Why is Shadowverse Mod Apk so special?

Shadowverse Mod Apk is ready on our website Techtodown for you to download and enjoy the game for free. With our mod version, you can freely play the game without in-app purchases like in the original version. You are free to unlock and collect your favorite cards and participate in exciting card battles without paying any fee. You can enjoy some other mod features such as:

  • Damage multiplier
  • Health multiplier

Outstanding features of Shadowverse Mod Apk

Acquire and explore many fascinating stories

In Shadowverse CCG, you can acquire and explore a variety of fascinating stories, and each story will teach you something new and introduce you to the world of cards.

You will feel as if you are learning more about a range of characters and narratives from various genres. In addition, you will benefit from a light and peaceful environment in which to relax your mind.

Provide more than 2000 cards

Shadowverse CCG will provide you with more than 2000 cards with numerous unique and gorgeous graphics for you to enjoy the game. Each card will be embellished unique, giving it a unique and profound focus.


In addition, each card’s colors are subtly and perfectly harmonized, and everything is blended to create very original and eye-catching pieces of art. You will surely be immersed in the beautiful cards and attractive gameplay in this game.

Features voiceovers from well-known characters

Besides providing a variety of cards, this game also features voiceovers from well-known characters. This will increase your excitement and attract more gamers, increasing your desire to participate.


This app also allows you to freely display your abilities and personalities through card play. You can learn about many pleasant personalities and understand what is going to happen thanks to the voices of the characters in this game.

Choose the right cards

To win against your opponents, you will need to choose the right cards. In addition, the champion selection is also so important and each commander has a unique appearance for you to distinguish easily. You must combine cards or monsters match can have certain advantages and lead your army to the final victory in the fateful wars.

Engaging in magic card matches

You will be enthralled by the prospect of engaging in magic card matches with other gamers. You will participate in a duel, so you should use your effective strategy to defeat your opponent.

You will gain a lot of helpful knowledge from the game screen and use it to add diversity to your playstyle. Use intelligence, and improve your ability to improvise throughout games to win.


Great interface and graphics

With this game, you will be amazed at the interface and graphics with bright anime cartoon images and all types of diverse forms, that are beautiful and great. You will see sharp and imaginative 3D characters built naturally, vividly, and realistically. You will be immersed with the beautiful card and enjoy your favorite card game.


How to play Shadowverse Mod Apk

First, you will need to decide which commander you wish to be. At the start of the match, one individual from each team will be chosen at random to go first. Each player can only draw three cards for themself on their first turn. You can choose to summon or end a turn to acquire extra energy during it.

Summons warrior cards with the ability to inflict damage on opponents, and you will expend a certain amount of energy to summon cards. Each person’s starting point will be 20 and whoever runs out of points first loses.

You will need the right calculation and a reasonable strategy to fight effectively and learn to attack and defend at the right time.


That’s all about Shadowverse Mod Apk. This is an attractive game for those who like to play cards. You will have the opportunity to play with various cards with beautiful anime images. Join a card game with many other players right on your phone, and you will surely have a great time entertainment.


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