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Fansipan Limited
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Aug 19, 2020
Apr 10, 2024
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MOD Info?

Download Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK’s lastest version for Android. You have to play as a shadow knight in a world swallowed up by darkness.

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode


Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK is carefully invested with stunning visuals, an appealing plot, and hundreds of levels for heroes to battle enemies and overcome the immortals of darkness. Let’s have a look at this amazing game with TechToDown.

What’s all inside Shadow Knight Premium?

If you are looking to unwind, these 3D action games are not for you. Instead, play Shadow Knight Premium, a simple yet challenging side-scrolling platform, now!


Fansipan Limited created this game, which has stunning action scenes, tales, and numerous experiences. You will be tasked with keeping the planet from devolving into chaos and, eventually, shadow wars. To get this, you must become the hero by battling incredibly powerful monsters in several races. Dwarves, orcs, zombies, spirits, beast-men, elves, and other creatures are among the monsters. You will encounter plenty of these monsters as you progress through the stages today! To keep up, you will need to level up and equip the best weapon and equipment. Increase your skill level and get materials to improve! Today, enjoy never-ending battles.

Engaging plot

Shadow Knight Premium’s story takes set on a fictitious planet named Harmonia, which was formerly a lovely world with many residents. Many various species coexist in this world, including Humans, Undead, Orcs, Spirits, and Dwarfs. Unlike in previous planets, the races in this one always worked together to grow and prosper. But it was finished because an event occurred that resulted in the apocalypse. The Shadow Knight, a warrior with enough strength to destroy them all, is the only one who can rescue them all. That person is you, who transformed into the all-powerful Dark Knight in order to save the world. This road will be challenging, but it will not be enough to stop you.


Many combinations for players

The combat journey this time is severe, thus doing it alone will be challenging. So, after the player has unlocked two or more characters in Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK, they can battle with up to two people. However, players cannot use both at the same time and must battle with them in turn. Depending on the context, the player can choose the best fighting decisions. This will provide several bonuses to the gamer who completes the game. Players can utilize a melee fighter and a ranged fighter to help each other in a number of ways.

Collect powerful combat weapons

In Shadow Knight Premium, in fighting for EXP to level up and get stronger, there is another option to obtain great equipment. When the monster dies during the player’s combat, there is a chance that very strong equipment will be dropped. Players may utilize them to strengthen themselves and combat higher-level creatures.


Furthermore, there is another option for players to discover weapons, which is to pay money to open boxes in the shop. This method will provide gamers with a lot of high-quality equipment, but it will cost you a lot of money.

Enhance your character’s power

While playing, your character must constantly be strengthened and modified in order to get stronger and able to survive a swarm of increasingly terrible monsters. To get started, though, you must first select the appropriate class for you. Shadow Knight Premium offers four classes, each with its own set of weapons, skills, and strengths:

  • Noad: Noah’s main weapon is a sword, and he has a powerful melee ability with great damage.
  • Ashley: specializes in firearms and has the ability to attack from a distance with pinpoint precision.
  • Hector: Hector is a muscly warrior who only fights with his hands but has the potential to do a lot of damage.
  • Lucius: Lucius is an assassin with the ability to kill with an abundance of razor-sharp blades.

You may enhance your character by beating enemies and collecting soul pieces. The Shadow Knight Premium will have its own upgrade path to further develop its specific talents, depending on the class picked from the start. And, as you go through the levels, your skillset evolves as well. Combat combinations will become more colorful, powerful, and prolific.

In each match, players will be given two characters to switch between in order to deal with a variety of enemies. In addition to level-based talents, each character gains a large amount of special equipment through going through scenes or looking for treasure chests, such as armor, shoes, belts, hats, and so on. Shadow Knight Premium’s equipment is separated into six categories:

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Premium
  • Unique
  • Legendary

When loaded with enhancement stones, the equipment itself becomes stronger, and when multiple infrequently used items are combined, a new, more powerful item is created.

Three attractive game modes

Shadow Knight Premium provides three game modes to players: Story, Passage, and Survival.

  • Story mode: Follow the flow of events as they are laid out in the game; there are numerous stages to play and many tiny scenarios to endure in order to rescue the planet.
  • Passage mode: There will be three difficulty levels for the challenges. After completing the stage, you will be able to acquire monetary resources, enhancement stones, and a variety of other things to equip your character before moving to other modes.
  • Survival mode: Many battles are separated by turns of increasing severity. Each round, the opponent will be a swarm of numerous creatures that will get increasingly crowded. This is where you may earn points, get rewards for your character, and get your name on the famous rankings.

Why do we need Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK?

  • God Mode:

In battle, you will be immortalized. When you are not online, your knights continue to practice and acquire resources to level up. When you return, they will be stronger, have gained new levels, and learned new talents. Create and train a formidable team, then prepare for combat! This feature allows you to completely customize your Shadow Knight so that he is strong and unique from other knights.

Last words

Shadow Knight is an intriguing and engaging role-playing game in general. Bloody combat, fast-paced hack-and-slash action, and a plethora of other captivating features will keep you glued to the screen. Are you willing to download the game and regain your lost peace?


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