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Using one of these top free calendar applications, you can stay organized while using your Android device. You may find calendars for shift workers, daily planners, collaborative calendar apps, and more.

And if you enjoy using an analog watch face to tell the time, Sectograph MOD APK’s calendar simulates that experience. Your appointments, to-do lists, reminders, and activities are shown on a circular clock. It also displays a list of your events, the amount of time until the next appointment, and the amount of time left for the current event. What else can you get out of this app? Continue reading to learn more.

Introduce to Sectograph

When there are so many distractions all around them, most people find it very challenging to concentrate on one work while keeping track of others. So, Sectograph is undoubtedly an excellent mobile application to have on the device if you’re seeking for a single, straightforward yet practical and effective solution to aid in helping you visualize your detailed activities and organize your duties.

Sectograph provides you with a visually appealing interface to assist you in organizing all of your daily duties and plans. A useful circular graph shows you everything you need to do in the next few hours at a glance.

Sectograph mod apk unlocked

One of Sectograph’s important features is the ability to connect the program to Google Calendar to sync all of your activities on a single screen. This is especially useful if you’re already used to planning your days using the Google calendar.

Each plan and job in Sectograph is represented by a separate segment. Furthermore, each work will be recorded in a different color so that you can easily distinguish the various activities you need to perform. You can advance hours and explore each portion of the day by spinning the wheel. However, by touching the arrows, you can alter the day.

Overall, Sectograph is a very handy software that allows you to easily organize and visually identify all of your goals and responsibilities. This is a simple tool that allows you to manage your day in a natural way.

Sectograph mod apk techtodown

How does Sectograph work?

This program will organize your timetable into a list of scientific and intuitive chores. A circle will be used to represent everything, and a clock face will equate to 12 hours. Looking at it will allow consumers to see everything and clearly picture what they need to do at what time of day. Working with a plan gives a very scientific and productive result. Everything will be planned and headed in the right direction rather than working “haphazardly” – remember how to get there.

This program, which maintains time by the hour, functions similarly to a clock widget. To put it another way, it’s like a timer in every scenario, more exact and disciplined than before! You can make a list of chores for the day based on the clock circle, either chronologically or by the importance level of each work group. You have direct control on what you have done, whether or not it was in accordance with the strategy and allocated tasks. Everything will be revealed in this manner; clearly, you will have no opportunity to “hide” your sloth while viewing the job sequence you have made.

Sectograph mod apk free

What is great about Sectograph MOD APK from TechToDown?

`Sectograph allows you to customize practically every aspect of its design, and if you pay $4 to purchase to the Pro edition, you may change the app’s color palette, add a 24-hour clock, and even build distinct, independent widgets for multiple calendars on your device.

But you can fully enjoy the pro version at no cost if you download and install the Sectograph MOD APK on our website.

Sectograph mod apk download

MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads
  • Free

Sectograph. Day & Time planner mod apk


In conclusion, Sectograph MOD APK is a terrific smartphone software for folks who want to manage their daily duties and keep track of their schedules. Download it for free from TechToDown and be ready to experience the unique Sectograph configurations and the straightforward clock view to always engage in your vital work.


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