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ScourgeBringer Mod APK is a 2D action game with high-speed pixel art. Explore the unknown in this post-apocalyptic world as the deadliest soldier, and destroy ancient technology. It’s simply too much fun to have super speed slashing, shooting, dashing, and blood power-ups. The ant combines roguelike gameplay with high-speed action!

The Need for Speed: Can You Handle Dash Slashing?

The dungeon is set up like the early “Metroid” games, where players explore rooms one screen at a time by scrolling. They can destroy enemies with actions such as dashing, slashing, and guns. There is also a skill tree that allows players to become stronger the more they play, even if they lose due to the roguelike element where the map is newly generated each time. Above all, the high-speed jump action feels great and responsive! The operation on a smartphone is also nice and stiff.

The Need for Speed: Can You Handle Dash Slashing?

The Fun of 2 D Action with High-Speed Excitement

I feel so cool when I play it – like TUEEE. The aerial dash mechanic is similar to games such as “Deadcells” and “Celeste”, and the shooting and swordplay can be done in all directions. Plus, who doesn’t love a boss that fires bullets? And because of its roguelite elements, each playthrough is unique with different challenges to overcome, making subsequent runs easier as you learn from your mistakes. This game has taken Manchu mechanics and blended them together nicely with some other recent popular gameplay elements.

Anyway, the Tempo Is Good… That’s Important

Test your might with the skill tree! And most importantly, enjoy the sense of speed. You only have a moment to die or win. It’s fun to be able to get stronger and stronger with each repetition. The smartphone operation is also good, and you can automate dashes and slashes with flick operations for comfortable gameplay.

Early-Stage Strategy Tips

If you cut an enemy with a slash on it, you will faint. If you hit something that is displayed as a “!”, you will be stunned. This also goes for the Boss character. Cutting can also erase enemy bullets, so it is slow, but I want to master it because power-ups in the skill tree depend on it. So even if we die, let’s do our best to defeat the mid-boss and train our skills properly.

ScourgeBringer Mod APK Download

There’s Also an Invincible Mode

You can’t just spam auto and expect to win when you’re fighting an enemy with high attack. If you use it on auto, you may be hit, so make sure you pull it off. By the way, if you really want to see the future, try using mild functions like an invincible mode that prevents damage taken. Check the option screen for further details. Of course, there’s a chance that using it will ruin the experience. Therefore, preserve usage and dosage.

Key Features:

  • Take up the challenge and dive into fast-paced rogue-platforming gameplay characterized by Eurogamer as “Dead Cells meets Celeste”.
  • Cut and shoot your way through smoothly with our super fluid platforming controls.
  • With a fast-paced combat system focused on attacks only, improve your abilities.
  • Joonas Turner’s (Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce…) adaptive noises will take you to another world.
  • Defy the Scourge’s armies of unnameable monsters and huge bosses, who guard the knowledge of the disease.
  • Explore the limitless depths of an ever-changing labyrinth.
  • By discovering hidden objects and long-forgotten keepsakes, you can unveil secrets that will change your perception of reality.


If you are a lover of challenging action scenes or cheaters, then this game is for you. Pixel art enthusiasts should also check out this game for the amazing style it presents. So what are you waiting for, download ScourgeBringer Mod APK now at TechToDown.Net.


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