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Nov 19, 2015
Mar 25, 2024
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What is Score! Hero Mod APK?

Score! Hero Mod Apk is a football game, but don’t worry because you only need to control one player. This entertaining soccer game has great graphics and provides a different gaming experience than other games as it does. Score! Hero Mod Apk is also a brain game that tests your ability to plan and think logically. In it, you go from being a promising young athlete to a world star. The plot follows your career as a footballer — with 14 seasons of participating in important matches that directly affect the results.

Score! Hero is developed by the well-known UK company, First Touch Games. The company specializes in developing football games like Drema League Soccer 2021 and Match Day. Currently, its HQs are located within England to deliver realistic gameplay that has been widely available around different countries.

Score! Hero Mod APK

What you need to know about Score! Hero Mod APK


In Score Hero, you play as a soccer player trying to be at different levels to win trophies. You will be involved with either scoring or assisting the goals of your teammates during each match and earning stars depending on how well you do. Some matches might require more skills than others due to certain conditions that have been set. Or in some matches, you might fall behind by a few goals and have to try to catch up. Other times, you must score the winning goal in the final minutes of the game. You are always involved with key moments that matter at each level—either scoring or assisting your team members’ goals! Score Hero is an organized series with levels divided into seasons where players can earn one three stars per match depending on how well they perform during their time on the field.

Customize Your Hero Player

In Score! Hero, players can adjust their characters’ hairstyles and facial features. They can also change the physics of each character’s uniform or accessories to suit their play style before taking on other teams in live competition. In addition, gamers will have access to customizable uniforms and team logos so they feel like a part of every game played.

660+ Levels

Score! Hero Mod Apk currently has 660 different levels. Each level includes unique challenges, making the game fun and addictive for longer periods of time. With more than 660 different levels to choose from you’ll never run out of gameplay options! The escalating difficulties will keep Score Hero entertaining as well so enjoy playing it again and again with new features added regularly in each update.

Score! Hero Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Play Offline

Now, you can play the game even without a stable Internet connection with its new offline gameplay mode. You’ll get to enjoy all of Score Hero’s epic football experiences whenever it fits your schedule best!

Graphics And Sound

3D technology and realistic graphics make the game very engaging. The flexible players’ movements, slow-motion video of goals, commentator’s input is all part of a great football gaming experience that will keep you on your toes.

MOD features

Unlimited Energy (Turn)

In Score! Hero, there’s a limit to how many times you can play the game per day, so spend your hearts wisely. In the upper right-hand corner screen: each heart is worth 15 minutes and takes four failures before it disappears completely. So in theory, you fail up to 20 times a day. But if players want more turns on they have two options – either pay real money for five additional ones or wait until one of their hearts regenerate after fifteen minutes. But in Score! Hero Mod Apk, you will never have to pay or wait, you just need to play until your phone runs out of battery.

Unlimited Money

To make your gameplay even more satisfying, in this Score Here Mod APK. It helps you get rid of ads and gives you unlimited money. You can buy whatever item or character strikes your fancy!

Score! Hero Mod Apk Unlimited Energy

FAQ about Score! Hero Mod APK

Is Score! Hero Mod APK safe to download this game on my device?

  • It’s completely safe when you download from TECHTODOWN

Can I delete the app after downloading and using Score! Hero Mod APK?

  • You just need to delete the original version of Score! Hero, also you won’t need to delete any more games or apps on your phone (if your phone has 150 MB of free space)

Will Score! Hero Mod APK work on my device?

  • As long as your device is Android 4.4 and up


Score! Hero Mod Apk is the best game for you if you love playing football games. It will provide hours of fun with over 600 different levels that need to be passed. You can also customize your character in many ways by collecting money. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy then there’s no reason not to download it now so get started today!


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