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Jul 23, 2020
Jan 6, 2024
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If you are a lover of Samurai-themed games with simple gameplay, then Samurai Flash MOD APK is definitely a name that you should not ignore. With simple gameplay by swinging to increase speed and gliding to defeat enemies, the game promises to bring along exciting experiences.

Introducing to Samurai Flash

Do you want to feel like a samurai, slaying your enemies while running? That is exactly what we will be able to do in Samurai Flash, a strange action and skill game developed by Supersonic Studios. This is an excellent game to play to unwind for a while because it is simple to learn and play, but it will provide many hours of entertainment and satisfaction.


To play the game, you must command a samurai (or any of the other characters you unlock) in a frenetic race armed with two sharp katanas, one in each hand. Both are so sharp that running next to enemies, walls, and columns will split them in half.

The controls are straightforward: simply move your finger across the screen in any direction. Our character will come to a halt as soon as we lift our finger (even if he is in the middle of a jump). To progress from one level to the next, simply cross the finish line; however, on some special screens, you will have to defeat bosses who throw projectiles at you.

The 3D design is minimalist at best, as is typical of these games, and there is also a lack of music and a lot of advertising, but the overall experience is very fun and unique. All we have to do is download the free APK file and we can start enjoying it right away.

Tips for playing Samurai Flash

Samurai Flash is a game in which you must run around and cut up anything that looks at you funny. But there are some interesting twists here, and there’s more to the game than you might think.


Maintain control of your speed

Everything else in the game moves faster as you move faster. That means you can take your time and plan your next move. When you’re being shot at, you can use this to slow the bullets and figure out which way to dodge.

You don’t have to rush through everything to get the best points, so don’t be afraid to take your time. Consider what needs to be done, then move quickly to complete it.

Keep an eye on the hostages

Keep a safe distance between yourself and the hostages on levels where you must protect them. Your instinct may be to put yourself between the hostage and the attacker, but this will almost always result in you killing the wrong person.

That’s because you have swords on both sides of you. Instead, pursue the assailant and try to get behind them before they get too close to the hostage. This will slice them up and ensure that the hostage is not in danger.


Look out for the edge

Take care not to fall off the level’s edge. You’ll lose if you fall to your death, so make sure you’re not getting too close to the level’s limits.

To advance to the next section of the level, you may have to fall off the edge. Here, you should slow down to ensure that you land on the platform and don’t miss it.

Cut Projectiles

You don’t have to avoid projectiles when you can slice them. If any part of a projectile strikes your sword, it loses its lethality. That means twisting to hit the projectile side-on is sometimes a good idea. That way, you’ll be cutting it rather than running into it.


Download the latest version of Samurai Flash MOD APK

Alternatively, there is a more straightforward way to improve your enjoyment of this game. That is accomplished by utilizing our Samurai Flash MOD APK. This mod version will give you the option of having Unlimited Money. Furthermore, it will save you from having to watch a slew of annoying advertisements. Isn’t this your ultimate goal?

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads


Samurai Flash MOD APK is an excellent game for unwinding after a long day at work. In this game, you can enjoy being transformed into Samurai, moving and fighting in a virtual way, thanks to the simple gameplay and easy manipulation. So, what are you holding out for? Download and start using it right away.


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