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Sep 2, 2023
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Samurai 3 MOD APK is a fighting role-playing game in which you play as a Samurai, a brave warrior on his journey to revenge his whole town by destroying the hostile enemy. Many secrets were unwittingly revealed on that journey.

Samurai 3 – Become a powerful legendary warrior

Samurai 3 is an action-adventure role-playing game about a vengeful samurai. After enemy soldiers overrun his community, the main guy finds himself alone. All of the residents of the hamlet, including the character’s family, are killed by the enemy, and all of the houses are burned down.

The brave samurai then resolved to kill everyone implicated in the crime and set off on a mission to do so. He will complete his mission with the assistance of the player, several skill scales, and formidable weaponry.


WFS Studio’s Samurai 3 is a game that blends action gameplay with enthralling role-playing elements. Players will transform into formidable Samurai swordsmen and combat enemies on the map, as the game’s name suggests. The crucial thing to remember is that you are on your alone on this lonely trip; are you prepared to be a hero? In Samurai 3 APK, over 100 thousand other gamers become heroes. To get started, just download the game Samurai 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

Engaging gameplay

Join Samurai 3 to start fighting back against the enemy’s assault, hide like a shadow, be agile like a ninja, cut enemies with a blood katana sword, and become a magnificent hero. You may battle as you like with weapons like katana and six different combat techniques. Extremely tight, fast-paced, and bloody.

Amazing plot

You may not realize it, but the Samurai is one of Japan’s most recognizable imageries. The majority of the Samurai were famous swordsmen who were instrumental in shaping the country’s culture and history. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information on the Samurai, much of it portrays them as warriors with superhuman martial abilities and bravery.


We shall be converted into Oishi in Samurai 3, a true Samurai with a desire to combat the evil lords. They dispatched their warriors to slaughter innocent people in the village where our protagonist resides. So, because he cannot wait any longer, Oishi will travel to each of their locations one by one and wipe them off. In addition, exciting storylines will be revealed, ensuring that gamers are kept guessing from one surprise to the next. Extreme basic and appealing game Players will first sense Oshi’s anger for ruthless rulers thanks to the game’s very realistic artwork. Then, on the screen, a vast map of the game’s places, such as Shoko Island and Ako Domain, appears. Players can explore whatever region they desire in this game. Players will be able to watch the full fight scene from the top perspective, thanks to the effective angle. In addition, the control buttons in Samurai 3 are well-organized and intuitively placed on the experience screen.


To navigate your character, just use the virtual steering wheel button on the left of the screen, and to conduct successful skill sequences, utilize the attack icons on the right. In general, Samurai 3‘s control scheme is straightforward and ideal for all sorts of gamers. Furthermore, the Samurai gentleman in the game shapes and fights in a similar manner to traditional Samurai fighters. True to the Samurai character, he always has a straight fighting spirit and never considers a sneak assault.

Possessing a large arsenal of weaponry

Samurai 3 allows players to advance their characters and gain worthwhile rewards at each level, much like most other RPG games. Players were initially only given crude weapons with little fighting power. You will be able to obtain increasingly powerful weapons as time goes on. The game’s weapons will help players improve their fighting skills, which is a unique feature. Often, a Daisho sword set comprises more than six different skills. They help the character quickly boost his or her attack level. There are lots more riches to be found along the road. Alternatively, you can exchange your earned points for necessary gear. Each piece of equipment in Samurai 3 has a specific function. Do-Maru will usually assist the player in moving more easily, whereas Okegawa-do will withstand cannons and guns. In conclusion, having a diverse set of weapons will help gamers to be more adaptable in combat.


Graphics of excellent quality

With a 3D graphics platform, Samurai 3 has excellent graphical quality. As a result, the game’s battle moments are truly spectacular, with stunning visual effects. The sequences in which the protagonist utilizes Katana to sever the opponent in half are particularly memorable. It will not be too quick, and it will only halt for a few seconds to allow gamers to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The language between the characters in Samurai 3 is also well-integrated and delivered. Many people compare this game to a bright, detailed, and easy-to-understand manga that can be played on mobile devices.

Samurai 3 MOD APK latest version for Android

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • One hit
  • God Mode
  • With a polished attack, the open-world delivers a simulation of beauty and diversity.
  • The dynamic camera selects the ideal perspective for each encounter, offering diversity while maintaining the action’s emphasis.
  • Between stages, stunning anime-style manga panels with original hand-drawn artwork explain the samurai’s story.
  • Cut, slice, and demolish adversaries in the new action RPG fighting game Samurai 3 Mod APK.


The most appealing features that make up the brand of the popular Samurai game series on the gaming market today are fully converged in Samurai 3 MOD APK. Many factors combine to quickly draw a huge number of players to this game. Aside from that, the highly realistic role-playing gameplay will immerse you in the world of the old Samurai. It would be a shame if you were to miss this game.


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