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You can enter a door that opens up the opportunity to rule over an entire kingdom as the queen or king in Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK.

About Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK – Game RPG combat on Android

Making plans and directing your troops to overcome obstacles are key to your mission. You can plan raids on neighboring kingdoms, taking advantage of their weak defenses to seize their territory and treasure. Special magic spells are given to players as well.

An intriguing role-playing game with thousands of downloads is Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK. Game on Gameslineage The player will assume the position of a commander who engages in combat and directs troops to assault opponents in the base. The Flaregames-developed game is available for free in this version’s MOD APK.


In Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK, players will assume the character of a young prince. The main goals of the game for the player are capturing territory and protecting the nation. Before capturing the territory and creating a kingdom, players need to develop a strong base of lofty structures and a well-trained army. Build castles and ramparts as defenses, and assemble a powerful fighting army to launch future attacks.

Upgrade the power factor

The power factor in Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK is unlimited. Regular maintenance and upgrades are required for tall towers, and heavier weapons will level new or low-level structures. It is therefore crucial to upgrade the fortress. Once you have a strong defense in place, you can call up another army to battle the new land. When a player has conquered other countries, they can easily widen the border.

Unique 3D graphic design

Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK with the clearest and most unique 3D graphic design, has attracted a large number of players. The space of Royal Revolt 2 is improved with a multitude of eye-catching, vivid, and fun colors compared to the first version. Players will feel the smoothness and flexibility of details, images, movements, and buildings, … Players will find it interesting and not boring with fun, catchy sound elements.


Highlights of Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

  • Tower Defense RPG: Construct a strong tower castle defense that can withstand any attack.
  • Alliance Forge: To strengthen castle defenses and forge a powerful Alliance, play with your friends or join people from around the globe.
  • Regular Seasonal Events: Battle in Ninja, Conquest, and League of War Events to see who has the greatest strategy and earn powerful Chests and Rewards.
  • Explore the depths of your Castle Defense City: At the blacksmith, forge your weapons. Speak with Granny there. Discover the Mystic Dungeons below your Castle to find strong Troops.

Right away during the Halloween festival

With its recently revised edition, Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK now lets you battle and explore in a world that looks like Halloween. The festival spirit permeates the entire city, and every nook and cranny is festooned with standard decorations like pumpkins, orange, and black stuff. Allowing the usage of character customization and other Halloween accessories also favor your character.

A change in strategy to be unbeatable

Counterattacks and direct attacks with invaders serve as markers and proof of your success. Combat skills are crucial because they can be paired with cutting-edge weapons to produce unstoppable power. No matter how strong they are, enemies and intrigues can be defeated by adjusting your RTS tactics.

Conduct your own teams

You have the responsibility of protecting the realm and assembling a force with a strong combat spirit. They should receive tough instruction and army loyalty lessons. Be careful when choosing an army to prevent mishaps of treachery. Whether you can hold the kingdom or not, stealing the area from the adversary largely depends on their fighting strength and dedication. Your awards will also be utilized to open the doors to the best, most powerful armies.


A helping hand in the administration’s defense

You want to take out the enemy’s castle defense, therefore plan swift raids. RTS makes it simple to gather information and evaluate the situation so that you can strategize. But the team of devoted Pet Pal and Royal Guardian will not let you down because of their immense strength and unflustered fighting spirit.

They will not put up with your erratic attack, and since your right hands are Paladins, Werewolves, and Dragons, they will gather them for a counterattack and destruction.

The latest weapons integrated magic

How can you ignore the fantastic things devoted to the RPG game style in Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK? The blacksmith will work with you to create an impressive huge weapon platform, melting superfluous objects automatically and gathering pearls to create weapons of poor durability. Furthermore, using magic to safely control, attack, and defend is preferred by players.

Hero Upgrade

You can pick your favorite hero in this game as well. Each hero has unique stats and belongs to several groups. The level of the hero also rises in accordance with time and to boost the character’s power. Please use more tools and weapons.

To help players gather and enhance damage, this game also incorporates an RPG MMO mode. The protection of your Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK kingdom expansion depends on the help of several monsters.


When compared to current games, the dramatic drama in Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK has made a significant difference. You know you are too fired up about this game. Download it right away to start using it.


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