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Feb 25, 2021
Mar 21, 2024
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Download Royal Match MOD APK’s latest version. This is a puzzle game in which the player will help a funny king to equip his royal castle.



Royal Match Mod APK is a Match 3 puzzle game featuring an exceedingly appealing and engaging Match 3 puzzle genre. The rounds are colorfully designed, making it impossible for players to stop. Now, let’s have a look at the highlights of this great game with TechToDown.

Royal Match – Royal design and construction

Royal Match for Android phones is a free puzzle game with thousands of levels. Furthermore, there are other sections where King Robert requires your assistance in order to restore the Castle to its former glory. This game also features appealing prizes after completing puzzle missions. And events are updated seasonally with one-of-a-kind prizes.


Thousands of exciting levels

Royal Match has thousands of fascinating levels to choose from. Each time you complete the current level, the difficulty will rise. Continue to take part in the next stage of the competition. The given conditions will be tougher than they were previously. There are more objects to gather. Elements that obstruct the puzzle process are also introduced. In line with the game’s difficulty, the part normally granted after completion is likewise fairly generous. However, to be able to complete the stages of play. You must continually improve your puzzle-solving abilities. Level up by completing previous puzzle levels. As needed, an effective mix of support tools. From then, you will be able to overcome the challenges of the game stages. Conquer increasingly tougher stages, even if you do not finish the challenge perfectly.


A variety of tools

In addition to the standard gameplay, Royal Match includes a variety of tools to assist players in completing the round quickly. Power Hammers, Archers, Cannons, and Clown Hats are among the items presented at the bottom of the puzzle. When time is running out or the turn is in the turns, these things can help you break the siege. However, keep in mind that as the game progresses, the difficulty of the game will rise, so save these gadgets for the more difficult stages.

Create a gorgeous castle

Following the completion of the levels in Royal Match, players will get a mission from King Robert. It was his responsibility to install and choose objects for the Royal Castle’s decoration. So, if you have accumulated enough gold coins after rounds, do not forget to pay a visit to the king and finish the mission. The king will reward anyone who can renovate his castle generously. And that reward will assist you in obtaining additional money, experience, or even valuable stuff.


Carry out the objective

Play the match-3 puzzle game with King Robert. In Royal Match, your mission is to decorate the royal castle with each room’s equipment. There is a large garden, a living room, a kitchen, a garage, and many additional rooms. Each room in the castle must be filled with a wide range of objects. Based on the room’s design structure. You must design it correctly, with the appropriate elements. For example, the living room is the main place for receiving guests. This area must be equipped with tables, chairs, and lovely ornamental things. To improve the look, a piano can be added. From there, you may design a magnificent, wealthy, and lovely living space. As you go through the puzzle stages, you will gradually be able to decorate all of the rooms in the castle.

Stunning 3D graphics

Royal Match‘s graphics system is designed in 3D. The characters in the game are represented by attractive, colorful drawings. There is also pleasant music during the gameplay. The fascinating combination of images and sounds has generated a gripping feeling for players, causing them to be unable to stop even for a second.

What will you have in Royal Match Mod APK?

Gold coins and gold stars

  • After finishing each Royal Match Mod APK match-3 puzzle level. The gold coins will be delivered to you. It is a prize for each level of play and achievement you obtain.
  • If you wish to amass a large number of gold coins. You must solve the puzzle level perfectly.
  • Collect as many objects as you can in the shortest amount of time and with the least number of puzzles. Not only that, but each level awards you with a gold star. This is the essential element for you to enhance King Robert’s royal castle.
  • By selecting an area to enhance with the gold star. It will then improve naturally, resulting in a more gorgeous background than before. For example, the garden was initially extremely shaky, with few trees. The garden will get greener after using the gold star to improve.

Special puzzle items

  • The puzzle items in Royal Match Mod APK levels are one-of-a-kind. Books, leaves, a crown, and a shield are all included. To be able to acquire all of the necessary things at each level.
  • You must arrange and match at least three comparable things. You may also employ compound goods to make extraordinary things. After using it, you will be able to make some stunning combinations.
  • Matching six comparable elements, for example, will lead to the formation of a unique sphere. When used, it can cause a massive explosion.
  • Depending on how many matching objects there are in each puzzle turn. Can be used to make a propeller or a gyro. Support you in gathering additional goods. In order to earn greater scores, you must also make combos.


If you wish to find a game with new and more appealing colors. Then Royal Match Mod APK is the game for you. The game has simple gameplay, but the display of the game draws players in with its exquisite features. Download this intriguing game right now and start creating a gorgeous castle.


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