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Oct 13, 2021
Dec 9, 2023
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Router Chef MOD APK is an application that allows you to connect to your network and do administrative tasks. You can improve your WiFi security by implementing these techniques.


About the app Router Chef

WiFi is a need for getting by because it makes it easier and faster for devices to connect to the internet. We must set up a good router before using WiFi to maximize the transmission speed. However, there are occasions when it’s challenging for us to modify certain crucial WiFi-related information on the router.

Additionally, this is the period when Router Chef uses its potent features to their fullest potential. Basically, MohRaouf is the sole publisher with a product on the mobile market with this application. It is therefore loaded with the best features to enable quicker router control for customers.

Show all of the Wi-Fi options available

All router configurations and Wi-Fi settings are offered here in Router Chef for Android users on a single platform. Use the app to access the Router Configurations pages to access the pages that are specific to your configurations. Take advantage of dealing with the various Wi-Fi settings whenever you wish. You can always use the app to its fullest potential thanks to all of these. 

Change the SSID and passwords for your Wi-Fi

Android users may quickly and easily update their Wi-Fi SSID and passwords with Router Chef. Here, the app will present you with the options and capabilities that are readily available right from the home screen. To use Router Chef to easily manage your Internet settings, simply select the choices.

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Observe connected gadgets

You are welcome to utilize the mobile application to view the currently connected devices on your system if you are interested. Here, the app gives you a comprehensive list of every device currently using your Wi-Fi connection, which you can inspect and modify as needed. 

Control the Wi-Fi signal’s amplitude

You can freely adjust the Wi-Fi signal intensity on mobile devices and in some online instances to enhance your Internet experiences. Use the tools at your disposal to determine the amount of bandwidth you wish to give various apps, among other things.

Set up your router using your ISP account

You can now set up your router with the ISP account for improved Internet experiences if you’re interested. To access the factory reset option, feel free to enter the application. Additionally, even after factory resets, you always have the option of configuring the router with the ISP account. 

Reboot the router and reset the settings

Router Chef is quite helpful for managing your present router because it offers simple and quick options for rebooting and resetting. You can now use the router without needing to access the control screen or use physical buttons by issuing specified commands. This greatly improves the usability and accessibility of Router Chef on your devices.

Configure anti-porn features for your DNS

If you’re interested, you can now enter Router Chef to gain access to various DNS settings and take advantage of the anti-porn tools. To get your filtered Internet ready, feel free to modify the router with custom DNS. 

Test your Internet speed and ping

You may now use Router Chef‘s various Internet speed tests to evaluate your present networks if you’re interested. To verify the download and upload speeds of the active connections, use the app’s fast speed test feature here. Ping levels on certain servers can also be seen using the ping checker. Your Internet connection’s status will be made known by each of these.

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What is special about Router Chef MOD APK?

If you’re interested, you can now download Router Chef‘s free version from the Google Play Store, which should be accessible to all Android users. Here, you may use a lot of the app’s free features without having to pay for your downloads. Just be aware that the freemium app will have some adverts and in-app purchases that can annoy you a little.

That is the reason why we suggest you download the Router Chef MOD APK on our website. This MOD provides all the premium features at your disposal. So that you can enjoy the app to its fullest with nothing at all.


Router Chef MOD APK is the ideal answer for all of your router needs, thanks to its simple setup, straightforward management, and powerful performance. Download it now and use it to your advantage.


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