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November 24, 2021
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For die-hard Android fans, rooting their phones is always a must. This process would unlock your system and give you access to do anything you want on it. However, to make it easier for you, we recommend that you install certain applications to assist with system management. And Root Booster is one of them. With it, you’ll be able to operate the complete system controls on your phone. Feel free to alter its functions using a variety of available options. To optimize various aspects, customize various components on your phones.


What does it do?

To begin with, Root Booster is a mobile app that allows you to improve the performance of your smartphone. You may simply change your phones so that they run smoothly on apps or decrease the performances to increase battery life with a variety of hardware and application customizations. To accomplish this, the application allows you to get inside the hardware settings, which include CPU, RAM, and Android OS. You may modify how the hardware responds to specific applications by changing parameters like clock speed or voltage. The game also has many useful features that allow you to maximize your phone’s performance. For non-root users, the game offers several functions that you may take advantage of. On Android devices, enjoy a cleaner and more pleasurable experience


The app may be used on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices for a variety of purposes. That being said, you’ll have access to all of the app’s features if you grant it root permissions for your rooted device. The non-root users, on the other hand, can still make use of useful features such as system cleaner, system optimizer, and more. Keep in mind that they would be less effective than those running rooted applications.


Awesome features

On the download page, you’ll discover all of the fantastic features that this application has to offer

Hibernate your apps to improve battery life

For those who aren’t aware, each Android application on their phones comes with its own set of services. And for the most part, even when you’re not using the app, certain services will continue to operate in the background. This can be beneficial in certain situations, but it usually just drains your phone’s battery more quickly. The process of freezing an app on Android is the same as it is on iOS. On Android, the app will be hibernated, which means all of the services will be frozen and unable to work in the background. This would minimize battery drain and degrade overall performance. Not to mention that freezing is a gentler method than terminating services or even uninstalling an app, which won’t do any harm to your apps or data. You may utilize the Hibernate function on both rooted and non-rooted devices. On rooted ones, you are also allowed to freeze the system apps, which are typically unalterable on non-root devices. If you want to modify the system apps, however, it will take some understanding of the operating system. All of the app’s services will be stopped when it is frozen. All you have to do now is turn off the freezing option, and they’ll spring back to life.

Calculate your CPU for the most stable settings

It’s easy to overlook the impact that your CPU has on your Android device’s overall performance. That being said, higher CPU frequency and clock settings usually result in smoother and faster experiences on your phones. However, this consumes more power from your battery. Not to mention that sometimes, a high CPU frequency isn’t required in many instances. As a result, it’s preferable to have a CPU setting that is appropriate for each application. Root Booster has all of this, plus much more. Root Booster will perform sophisticated computations on your app to determine the best settings for certain apps. This will improve the performance of your phone while lowering its power consumption. As a result, you’ll be happier using the application.


Manage your RAM efficiently

To improve the performance of third-party applications on your device, you must also optimize your RAM areas. Root Booster Pro allows you to customize the VM heap settings for each application and game using Root Booster Pro. This ensures that your apps will operate correctly and smoothly. There won’t be a crash when your device runs out of RAM while playing the app if you adjust the correct settings. Before Root Booster comes up with the best settings, you must test various configurations for your app. So be sure you have the time to wait for it to finish. Don’t put yourself in danger by running applications that aren’t properly set up.

Perform a complete scan on your system to look for a trash

You can even delete all of the above by choosing the Clean button. Furthermore, you are allowed to scan your Android system completely to find trash files that should be removed. This function is accessible on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, you won’t be able to inspect the system files with the latter. Keeping your phone clean is nevertheless simple. You may quickly get rid of several needless files, such as thumbnails, repeating photographs, undesirable files, and other items. Delete them all and keep your device neat.


Clean unwanted cache files on your system

You may change the Cache on any number of applications by utilizing Advanced Memory Optimizer. You can also dig into the system and modify various apps’ caches. Delete all of your applications’ cache or choose specific ones to clean. Delete useless cache files to reclaim storage, while keeping necessary ones for a fast and slick device.

Auto backup to prevent any damages

To protect their phones, Android users are permitted to create automatic backups on their systems. That being said, if you run into difficulties, just restore your backup and reload it to get your phones back to normal.

Free to use

Despite its numerous benefits, the app is still completely free for Android users to download. That being said, you may get it right now from the Google Play Store without spending a penny.

Have the premium version unlocked with our mod

Furthermore, if you want to use the app completely unlocked, you can obtain the pro version on our website. You’ll have all of the above characteristics enabled as well as others. All you have to do is download and install Root Booster Pro from our website. Follow the steps outlined below to properly install it.


Not suitable for the casual users

Although the app is wonderful on rooted devices, many non-rooted users will find it useless. Even if you intend to utilize the non-root features on it, there are other superior options available. As a result, Root Booster Pro is only for serious Android users, not the average consumer.

Download Root Booster Pro latest 4.0.9 Android APK

Root Booster is an app with great features and a wide range of applications that you should have on your Android phone. Not to mention that it’s unrestricted in our premium version. Non-root users, on the other hand, won’t get as much out of it because of its unique capabilities for non-root devices.

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