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RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk is a unique experience of becoming a true pilot, flying anywhere in the world, exploring landscapes.

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  1. Download files .apks or .zip from our Website
  2. Download Split APKs Installer (SAI)
  3. Open SAI go to settings and activate signed before Install (for non-ROOT)
  4. Install APK choose both files and Click install
  5. Enjoy


The Real Flight Simulator allows you to immerse yourself in the lives of all those who work in the aviation sector. From piloting your plane with a variety of options to working at an airline checkpoint. With the different alternatives available, you can even learn to fly a plane for your next flight. It is well worth your time to download the Real Flight Simulator Mod APK version!

Fascinating information about the Real Flight Simulator

The best flight simulator game

The authentically built cabin space may soon overwhelm you. All of the required controls were in place to allow the hundreds of tons of aircraft to take to the skies. If you are a novice driver who has never driven a large car before, do not be concerned. The developer has created a set of instructions that will help you understand how a flight works. This great mobile game by RORTOS is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for people interested in air travel and wondering about how the entire business operates. That is to say, the Real Flight Simulator’s in-depth and realistic aspects will introduce you to every aspect of the business, starting with the planning stages and finishing only when your plane has successfully arrived at its desired destination.

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK

Playing for real

First and foremost, pay close attention to the gearbox (Gear). For the plane to get onto the runway and take off, it must be set at level three. To browse while keeping balance, simply alter the viewing angles to seek a preset stop, use the D-pad, or tilt the device. The Real Flight Simulator’s gameplay is supposed to be easy, but there are a few things you should be aware of. The landing must be accurate. You must try to the finish line, because even a minor error in gearing for landing could lead the plane to land before it reaches the runway, resulting in a catastrophic crash. If the player has gone over the runway, you can fix your error by using the brake. If the plane is lucky and the weight is not too heavy; it should be able to land safely.

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK download

As you can see, the Real Flight Simulator’s gameplay is basic but extremely realistic and detailed. It necessitates precision and focus, and players who do not meet these standards will have a tough time progressing in their pilot careers.

Experience the fantastic flights to the fullest!

RFS – Real Flight Simulator, as you may expect, provides Android players with interesting flight simulation experiences in which you can learn about the complete process of conducting air transport between certain destinations. As a result, you will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities, including planning for your company’s next flights, clearing and preparing schedules, performing certain preparations and maintenance on the plane, following all required procedures just like a real flight, and taking full control of your plane once it is off the track.

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK techtodown

As your flight travels between places, you will be faced with a variety of realistic situations. Start by making sure you are flying in the appropriate direction, keeping a safe distance from other planes, and checking all of your gauges. In some situations, you will even have to cope with terrible weather, unwelcome system malfunctions, and other issues. As a result, you will be able to fully appreciate the fantastic flights.

Outstanding features of Real Flight Simulator APK

Here are all of the fantastic things that you might enjoy in the game:

Get access to your very own airport, complete with realistic features

For starters, Android players will have access to a fully functional airport with realistic in-game aspects in RFS – Real Flight Simulator. That means your airports will have visual satellite imagery showing all active flights, taxiways for cars to pick up passengers, arrival and departure areas where passengers unload and board their planes, and so on. Accurate and realistic 3D structures will enhance the overall enjoyment and engagement of your in-game experience.

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK lastest version

Appropriate routes for you with the Air Traffic Control

Before boarding the plane, gamers can receive a variety of valuable notifications from Air Traffic Control to prepare for their upcoming travels. This includes satellite terrain and elevation maps, which can provide you with all the data and information about future flights. Make arrangements with the ATC so that they can schedule the appropriate departure and arrival times as well as the appropriate routes for you. Furthermore, you can communicate with the ATC at any time during your flight via interactive spoken ATC procedures and communications. The guys at ATC should check and update all of the critical frequencies. Verify your ATIS, GROUND TOWER, APROACH, and other parameters.

Check your plane before taking off

RFS – Real Flight Simulator allows players to freely check their planes and customize them to prepare for their upcoming flights. To make changes to your plane’s instruments and gauges, start with the Advanced Multi-Panel System. You can also perform various tests on the aircraft to ensure that they are in good condition. In your 3D cockpits, look at the working parts and lighting, as well as the controllers. As a result, gamers can even have their own liveries on each plane, which is just wonderful.

Discover your plane’s in-depth control system

Real Flight Simulator will also introduce Android players to the in-depth control features that provide you with complete supervision and flexibility over the plane while you are on board. You can use the powerful multi-panel system, which includes all the control options of your aircraft. Do not hesitate to use your map, engine, fuel, FMS, altimeter/anemometer, and other tools to check numerous instruments. You can also get information about your air/ground/vertical speed, AGL/ASM altitude, ETE Next/Dest, ground/OAT team, wind, etc. through the intuitive display. Even those who work as professional flight operators will be surprised by the entire facts and information. Furthermore, Android gamers are offered many control options for controlling their aircraft, allowing them to freely steer the planes to the desired paths. As you learn how to control a commercial plane most intuitively, make use of the Main Throttle, Flaps, Landing Gears, Brake, Rudder, Pushback, and Spoiler.

Real Flight Simulator APK

Customize your flight in many ways

Gamers are also allowed to make different upgrades to their planes while flying, which adds to the game’s appeal. Feel free to alter your fuel, passengers, and total load of the plane at any time throughout the journey to try out different configurations. Alternatively, as you try to navigate through difficult weather conditions, switch the weather between completely different circumstances. You can also make alterations to the planes if you want to examine what happens when there are difficulties with the engines or the system. The game is not just about flying and directing planes. It is also a wonderful simulator for a variety of scenarios that could arise throughout your journeys.

Play your online games whenever you want

For those who are interested, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is an excellent opportunity to communicate with other gamers from across the world, as it provides extensive and detailed online gameplay. You can take part in real-time flights with at least 40.000 real-time flights from around the world every day. Join in the worldwide action by boarding one of the numerous real-time flights from various airports around the world. As you proceed, take command of all active planes and steer them to their intended destinations. You can also enjoy communicating with your fellow pilots from all over the world, who are also in control of the real-time flights as we speak, to make the game more fascinating. For those of you who are interested in this type of activity, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Pick up where you left off and have fun

RFS – Real Flight Simulator includes a quick access option that allows you to resume your abandoned action anytime you reconnect to the game, making it as simple and convenient as possible for Android players. As a result, you may easily continue your flights and deliver your customers to their destinations.

Excellent 3D visual and sound quality

3D Graphics

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is a game that will not let you down. That being said, the game provides excellent 3D visual experiences that most gamers will undoubtedly appreciate. You will feel like you’re flying your own plane thanks to the powerful 3D plane models, detailed interior design, realistic cockpit views, and complete control panels. Some of your low-end gadgets, on the other hand, may struggle to handle the game, resulting in unsatisfactory results. As a result, you might wish to check the graphics settings and make some adjustments based on your hardware capabilities.

Realistic sound effects

Android gamers in RFS – Real Flight Simulator will be thoroughly immersed in the great in-game music and sound, which will add to the game’s appeal. The realistic sound effects will keep you thoroughly engaged in the in-game simulations with each flight. The game’s intuitive engine noises, realistic landscapes, and professional ATC communications will thoroughly immerse you in the experience.

How to get the Mod APK of Real Flight Simulator version for Android devices

Real Flight Simulator is a game that can be downloaded for $1.07 from the Google Play store. This quantity of money is insignificant when compared to the value of your time spent playing this game. However, if you are still unsure about the quality of RORTOS’ products, you may still download Real Flight Simulator for free from our website. However, you cannot expect everything to be entirely free and unlocked, though. As a result, advertisements and in-game purchases are unavoidable. You might want to check out our customized version of the game if you want to play the complete game without paying. You may enjoy an ad-free experience, an unlocked subscription, and a variety of fascinating mods when you play your flight simulator. Simply download the RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod APK from our website, follow the on-screen instructions and prepare for your final flights for free. Real Flight Simulator – the best flight simulator for Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices, thanks to its in-depth and engaging gameplay. Not only because of the game’s great graphics and action but also because of the level of personalization available. We do not see why you should not enjoy the Real Flight Simulator Mod APK version, especially because it is entirely unlocked and free on our website.


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