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Rescue Dash Mod Apk is an activity in which you play the part of a rescuer and fulfill clients’ demands. You’ll attempt to discover as many resources as possible, clear obstructions out of your path, and reach the rescue objective. At the same time, the number of participants allowed in the quest will rise to assist you to speed up completion, and it will certainly provide new difficulties for you.

About Rescue Dash Mod Apk

Save the city from trouble

The city is presently in a really hazardous situation. The animals appear to be threatening youngsters and sweeping everything clean. To maintain activities from stagnating, individuals are forced to avoid working in order to survive. They’re always on edge, searching for somewhere safe to hide from the predators’ attack. You will be the only source of hope in this instance.

About Rescue Dash Mod Apk

The challenges ahead will be numerous and require all of your effort, hard work and courage to overcome. The other animals will not idly wait for you to attack them, but actively fight back. Your success is the key to returning the city to its former state.

The ruins and broken things that animals have caused are in front of the eyes. Players must clean up and begin the regeneration process in order to halt pests. To stop pests, you must go to them and offer them delectable cuisine. Overcome barriers and complete a moral goal during your quest.

Players who are quick and inventive will have an advantage in completing the task. As a lifeguard, you need to be enterprising and determined to overcome all difficulties. You can also bring new life to the city as a whole.

Complete the quests

In Rescue Dash, you will come across resources and goals on every level. To be more specific, resources are objects that can be of use to help you get passed upcoming obstacles. Goals refer to either human that needs saving or animals that have gone off into an unfamiliar area. Additionally, it’ll be a breeze to keep tabs on your progress in the goals section so that you can complete the rescue before time’s up!

At higher levels, tasks will take longer to complete as you advance through the ranks. As a result, you’ll need to pick the proper move approach for the rapid gathering of resources and removal of barriers in your path. Many resources will appear, and their applications are likewise various. Simultaneously, you must collect them for your cleanup and rescue to succeed properly.

A typical asset in this game is a burger that provides enough energy to clean up garbage or repair damaged items. At the same time, new resources will emerge over time, providing you with challenges such as toolboxes to assist you to repair any item and a shovel to help you dig for buried treasures. As a result, the number of distinct levels will provide players with an adrenaline rush.

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Collect resources in Rescue Dash Mod Apk

Completing the game’s final screen will offer a number of exciting benefits. You’ll also receive a lot of achievements in the city, which will aid your rise to popularity among your peers. To access more distinct locations from arid deserts to verdant pastures or chilly frozen territories, complete many rescue operations. The bonus values scale in a logical manner at each game screen. Levels gradually rise in difficulty from simple to impossible. However, keep in mind that the higher the level is, the greater the reward. The more resources you acquire throughout the course of the game, the more certain you’ll be about subsequent levels.

Character upgrade

As you advance in the game, the quests will become more frequent and tiring. Use the bonuses you earn to buy resources that will increase your energy. With more power, your work productivity will also increase. You’ll no longer find facing workloads a hindrance. You may also synchronize cooperation and look for teammates at the same time. With the collaboration of many people, everything will be finished soon. What is more remarkable is to share in the excitement and delight of seeing your objectives accomplished. Let us assist them in keeping the city safe without any more people living in terror.


Rescue Dash Mod Apk is a game that can be used to relieve boredom and at the same time, increase one’s productivity. It is also a way to socialize and cooperate with others virtually. What are you waiting for? Download the game now and start dashing!


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