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Red Ball Roller Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

All ages can enjoy the adventure ball rolling game known as Red Ball Roller. The on-screen control keys up, down, left, and right can be used to move your ball. Make use of your creativity to win this game. Your planet is in danger of becoming square because of evil bosses. Use your talents as soon as possible to protect the world from them in Red Ball Roller Mod APK!

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What is inside Red Ball Roller?

One of the most intriguing and entertaining apps for casual games is Red Ball Roller. You can appreciate this game’s hard logical levels. For gamers who enjoy playing casual games and riddle-solving games, this game was specially created.

The levels in this game require players to solve puzzles. You must give the ball the direction it needs to go in order to advance through each level. The design of the stages includes a lot of challenging terrain and traps. These levels are made to keep you stuck in one place for an extended period of time.

To solve them and complete them, you can earn various rewards. You will also encounter several other balls that will attempt to obstruct your path and destroy you. Every time you reach a certain level, you will engage in a boss battle.

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What makes us love Red Ball Roller?


Players must discover the magic door on each level in order to go to the next one. Begin your journey to beat the terrible bosses in the game by collecting gold coins and items along the route. Players must move numerous dangerous traps on their quest to uncover the magic door.

Play minion survival games where each minion has a unique attack skill, such as laser, fire, thunder… Avoid the lethal lasers and free your teammates who are now in jail. Players will have the opportunity to obtain surprise rewards if they collect magic boxes.


To be able to complete all the stages in the game, players should equip themselves with a calm attitude and deft hand motions. Every game screen calls for a very adaptable player; when you first play, move the ball at a steady speed, avoid rolling too quickly, and avoid getting into unnecessary problems.

For those who are not accustomed to utilizing virtual keys, rolling the ball will be a little challenging. It is possible that gamers will need some practice using the keys.


To provide players with the best experience possible, Red Ball Roller has fixed a few small problems. Beautifully designed game with more than 100 levels where players can unleash combat. The number of levels will determine the strength of the bosses, who will change at each level. You will get a specific quantity of gold for each time you defeat the boss. Before going through the magic door, collect them all.

Gather the keys to open the doors and carry on your journey. The player’s trip must pass through a variety of locations, including wild grasslands, deserts, and abandoned factories.


Red Ball Roller offers numerous distinctive elements, gorgeous visuals, and top-notch animated effects. The levels in this game are a lot of fun and loaded with difficult obstacles and challenges. To advance through the stages, you must devise original strategies. This game’s locations feature extremely realistic graphics. One-finger controls make the game’s controls incredibly easy and fluid. Play this game for free after downloading it.


The game’s controls are easy to use and realistic. There are arrows on the right side of the screen that point in the direction you should move, and a jump button on the left. You can switch control symbols thanks to a feature designed specifically for left-handed gamers. The ball’s shape can be changed in the new versions, and you can even add new, intriguing components to it.


A red ball that players will control must move across numerous levels. You must complete each stage by collecting every star while staying on time and avoiding losing three lives. The levels are packed with deadly enemies, as well as obstacles in the form of abysses and various platforms, so you will frequently have a heart attack.

Red Ball Roller Mod APK Highlights

  • Physics based levels
  • Multiple world types
  • Beautiful graphics
  • 45 unique levels
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Classic retro platformer
  • Simple and fun game mechanics
  • colorful graphics, amazing effects, and exciting animation
  • Multiple obstacles
  • Smooth touch controls
  • Tap screen or trackball to jump to avoid obstacles.
  • Collect all the dounts.
  • Roll, jump and bounce through more than 100 exciting levels full of adventure.
  • Have the music and sound effects.
  • Lots of challenging levels and more will be added in the future.
  • Original musical score



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