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March 16, 2023
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Rainbow Toilet Rush MOD APK is a fun puzzle game in which players must find their way to the restroom for two guys. They’re both having issues and need to use the restroom as soon as possible. But things aren’t so straightforward when hurdles keep popping up. Will you assist them by participating in this game?

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Introducing to the game Rainbow Toilet Rush

We have all undoubtedly run into a dilemma when we don’t use the restroom in a timely manner at least once. In Rainbow Toilet Rush, a puzzle game with a straightforward connection component, this is much more obvious. To win, you must create a line that connects the two major characters with the bathroom at the appropriate moment.

When there are enemies as well as barriers, things are obviously far from straightforward. If you want to succeed, you must figure out how to avoid them. To win this game, you must use your vivid imagination.

Basically, Rainbow Toilet Rush‘s operation is simple to comprehend. To effectively construct a moving path for the two primary characters, players merely need to swipe the screen. To draw the corresponding move line, you must click on each character in turn. In order to make it easier for you to distinguish between characters, each character’s movement will also be displayed using a different color. To win, drag and drop the line to the relevant screen-based toilet icon.

And here are some more exciting features that the game has to offer:

Lots many levels to investigate

Players must navigate Rainbow Toilet Rush by going to the bathroom as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t want to lose, you must also avoid the nearby obstacles. In this game, there are lots of things that can go wrong. For instance, you’ll have to start playing if you see male and female characters interacting along the route. Or one of these two characters runs into a nearby obstruction.

This implies that your sharp mind and vivid imagination must be at their finest. Because as new obstacles surface, the difficulty of each level rises immediately. Currently, Rainbow Toilet Rush includes over 99 distinct levels of escalating difficulty. Each level appears to have fresh barriers and unique layouts that will undoubtedly give you a challenging feeling.

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A wealthy villain system

Rainbow Toilet Rush has a wide range of enemies and barriers waiting to make your life miserable. Each antagonist is distinctively styled and shows up on various levels. Player familiarity with the majority of these characters is high. Along with other things, it’s the presence of familiar alphabet letters and rainbow companions. Every game screen exhibits strain. You can be forced to start over after just a few errors. 

Simple, eye-catching visuals

Players feel a sense of excitement from the very beginning of Rainbow Toilet Rush thanks to its reasonably straightforward graphic style. The screen will just have a few simple, colorful strokes with recognizable characters. Everything works together to form a seamless totality that allows players to approach this game much more easily. The main white background gives you the impression that you are drawing on actual paper.

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What is great about the game Rainbow Toilet Rush MOD APK from TechToDown?

Rainbow Toilet Rush is a puzzle game that encourages players to use their thinking skills and imagination. You must solve the problem to better comprehend the two main characters’ trip to the restroom. Things might get very challenging in the later stages. So you should think about downloading the current version of the game Rainbow Toilet Rush MOD APK and getting infinite gold for all of your demands. This function cannot assist in level progression. On the other side, the variety of gameplay from this will only increase.

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Download the Rainbow Toilet Rush MOD APK for Android to tackle a variety of puzzles while racing against the clock. Both of the two characters in this game need to use the restroom as quickly as possible, therefore it’s up to you to direct their movements in order to go to the next level.


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