Queens Number: your choice Mod Apk v1.9.8 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Mar 13, 2024
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The Queens Number MOD APK follows a girl who arrives in Las Vegas and eventually meets gorgeous boys. You will communicate with them fast and make your desired decisions. At the same time, each male character has an own route for you to follow, and magnificent clothes are waiting for you to unlock and transform the main character.


Introduce about Queens Number

In order to appeal to a larger player base, visual novel game genres always offer unique enhancements in terms of content. None other than Queens Number. This game’s narrative mostly centers on a young girl living in Las Vegas and her daily activities. The main character in the game will be directly controlled by the user as they explore all the stuff.

As a publisher that specializes in creating visual novel games for the mobile gaming market, also developed this game. In light of this, you can be sure that Queens Number will provide you with enjoyable encounters.


Have a look at what to expect to this game:

  • 4 different characters with different stories 

The major topic that players will need to examine here is the fateful encounter of the heroine and the attractive guys. Essentially, this game is more suited to female gamers. They will be able to approach romantic love stories with a variety of boys.

In this game, players can choose from four male characters: Freyr Wilder, Gon, Zhang Mo-wan, and Aaron Hurt. Each character has a unique story that takes a long time to unravel. More specifically, the ending of each story in the game will be unique and will be directly influenced by the player’s choices. To have a happy ending, ponder carefully before making a final decision.

  • Lots of impressive outfits

As previously said, Queens Number enables gamers to learn the life story of a stunning woman. She has the ability to catch the attention of any guy she meets for the first time, so she can pick and choose who she falls in love with. The female avatar will first be dressed in a manner that is pretty conventional and typical of most modern girls. Of course, you can simply make her look different by dressing her in something far more spectacular. In reality, the selection of outfits in the game allows for quite a variety of customization options.

  • Many options for your choice

The discourse between the female lead and the male characters is fundamental to how Queens Number functions. Here, gamers will begin by deciding the character they want to date. You will then decide which correct responses to the dialogues that appear on the screen to create your own love narrative.

To make it simpler to select the right response, you should also carefully study the available descriptions on the screen. The right decisions will also influence how the game’s story develops in a different way. You may feel rather challenged at times, but maintain your composure to make the best choice.

  • Various chapters 

One of the elements that makes this visual novel game appealing to gamers is its diverse material. Queens Number gives players a variety of tale segments to explore at their leisure. Each narrative will contain a variety of topics that will keep you interested and entertained. Aside from the existing stories, new stories will be introduced on a regular basis following each upgraded edition, which will undoubtedly satisfy you.

  • Sharp illustrations

Queens Number is distinguished by its crisp, adorable graphics in the popular cartoon style. All of the characters in the game are meticulously described, allowing gamers to thoroughly immerse themselves in their love story. Furthermore, the acoustic quality of this game offers the required vividness. In the correct circumstances, you will hear sounds ranging from energetic to quiet to soft.

What is the point of Queens Number MOD APK? 

Queens Number provides players with romantic love stories and new stuff. By playing the game, you not only make the proper decisions, but you also get access to a plethora of appealing daily prizes. If you want to play the game more easily, consider downloading the Queens Number MOD APK version, which is accessible below this page. That way, you can get access to the following options:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited Hints


Overall, Queens Number MOD APK is a fantastic game for individuals who enjoy romance stories and mystery adventures. Download it right now and have a good time.


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