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Jan 23, 2024
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Currently, there are many different sports-themed games for you to experience. You can find games about the sport of pia, soccer, volleyball and many more. In this article, we will introduce a game about the art of dancing and diving as a true athlete. That is Purple Diver Mod Apk. You will enter the competition, an Olympic gold medal, and set a new record in your honor.

Introducing to Purple Diver Mod Apk

Purple Diver is a free sport game developed by Puiss. In the game, you will jump dizzy in the water from different tall towers, and try to get on the list of the best players in the world.

Purple Diver is a free sport game

You will control an athlete, get to the edge of the platform, follow the grouprules, jump and fly away in an acrobatic. Try not to kill Mr. Ward by falling into the water and hitting the face of a little pool. You will find simple gameplay, a “one-touch” control system, beautiful graphic design, high-quality animation, and a huge amount of advertising.


In this water slide adventure game, you will slide from the top of the slide and collect coins on the way. You will need to avoid obstacles by tilting your device left, right up, and down and will jump into the freezing water at the end.

The game has simple gameplay

In addition, you also have to collect speed boosters to increase your sliding speed and enjoy more. Purple Diver will have two different sliding modes, which are sliding mode and free endless sliding mode. In both modes, you will enjoy a crazy slide and crazy stunts.

Challenges in the game

Purple Diver have many levels, and the challenge’s difficulty is related to the levels. To pass each level, you need to complete simple tasks first such as acrobatics or touching a duck float in the water.

Purple Diver have many levels, and the difficul challenges

You will take several harder requirements in higher levels such as Depth or deep diving with Duck Depth. You can find some difficulties in the depth requirement to dive the det. In addition, the pools change shape and become smaller as each level is accomplished. You maybe fall out of the pool and hit the brick floor, so take care with difficult challenges in this game.

Some tips to play Purple Diver Mod Apk

To complete many difficult tasks in this game, you can take some notes below: The slide is extremely slick, therefore be cautious when making abrupt or curving bends or you may tumble off the highest roller coaster style slide while performing stunts.

You need to manage how you are exposed to water

If you want to achieve the appropriate depth, you need to manage how you are exposed to water (Entry). According to physical rules, you will need to make contact with the water when your body is perpendicular to the water regardless of when you “land” with your head, back, abdomen, or legs. Another note is you will need to practice a lot to touch the duck at an altitude of more than 20 meters. This is the most difficult goal in this game. The depth that is required to dive is also a challenge for you.

Why should you download this mod apk of Purple Diver?

Experiencing Purple Diver, you will receive gold coins if you dive into the pure blue water. The game will assist you in gaining access to new features. You can unlock new athletes or new pools with creative shapes. You can also help your divers improve their skills by training them. To do that, you need to use your real money to buy in-app on Google Play store. You will need to pay to unlock your favorite athletes, pools, and others. And if you download this mod apk from our website, you can enjoy this game with a lot of money that you don’t need to pay anything. Also, this mod will not have ads that interrupt you when playing. Enjoy Purple Diver Mod Apk, you will have thrilling fun and full of adventure. With simple but addictive gameplay, you will easily play your favorite sport on your Android devices. The game also has graphics with wonderful visuals of aerobatics in the air. You will have a new experience in this exciting and demanding game.


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