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Jan 24, 2020
Apr 3, 2024
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Android has an endless supply of logic puzzle games that appear simple but are highly addictive. Pull the Pin MOD APK is one of them, and it presents us with a mental challenge that becomes progressively more difficult as we progress, as well as some nice graphics. This is an Android logic puzzle game in which you must try to get the balls to fall into the receptacle in order to advance to the next level.

What to expect in Pull the Pin?

Following the success of games like Sandwich! and Folding Blocks, German game developer Popcore returns with a brand-new puzzle title called Pull the Pin. The game’s premise is simple: your mission is to ensure that the balls fall down the pipe. As the name implies, you must pull the pins one by one. The difficulty is that you must pull them in the correct order.


Consider gravity pulling the balls down until they reach the pipe. But first, you must remove the pins that are in the way. Essentially, your goal is to guide the balls and allow them to fall into the appropriate container. Here are what the game has to offer:

Solve puzzle levels

The sheer number of levels in “Pull the Pin” is one of its best features. You never want to end your fun too soon in this ideal mobile puzzle game. While the levels begin simple and can be completed quickly, the levels become increasingly difficult as time passes. Once you reach level 399, it will be much more difficult to obtain than the previous levels.

Build a beautiful city

You are not only supposed to solve puzzles by dropping all of the colorful balls into a jar, but you are also responsible for building a beautiful city. To build the city of your dreams, you must first earn in-game coins by solving difficult puzzles. You will easily complete the early stages, but as you progress, you will face increasing difficulty.

Various levels of difficulty


The levels will be easier at first, but will become much more difficult as time goes on. Pulling the pins once or twice forces you to initiate a response that contains all of the trick patterns. There are color restrictions, bombs, and even massive obstacles in your way. Do you believe you have what it takes to master this game?

Cool graphics

The graphics are cool, and the colorful balls add to the stage’s beauty. The background is quite simple, and the game has a different layout for each of them.

Tips for playing Pull the Pin

Without a doubt, the game isn’t particularly difficult, but a few levels may successfully confuse you to the point where you can’t decide which pin to pull out. As a result, we step in to assist you in completing all challenging levels by simply following the instructions listed below.

Use Hints

If you get stuck in a level, you can use the money you earned while playing to obtain hints. Collecting more popular balls earns you more popular money, so make sure to complete the majority of the levels within your abilities. These hints provide you with an excellent steering wheel for determining which leg to pull first and which item to complete. If you’re really stuck, please seek assistance! Don’t feel bad about making a suggestion; sometimes you’ll have to force someone to deal with this complication.

Skip unwanted levels

Maybe you don’t have any hints left, or maybe you’re just bored with a level. If you don’t want to play a level, you can skip it with Pull the Pin. But, just like with the Hint, you must first lose. When you lose, you will be prompted to use the Skip button, which is located on the right next to the Hint box. To summarize, you must lose and watch an ad in order for the Skip and Hint buttons to appear. To receive your reward, make sure you finish watching the ad before closing it.

Why is Pull the Pin MOD APK required?


Completed stages in Pull the Pin reward you with coins. Currency allows you to purchase ball skins and construct a mini-town. On a small plot of land, you can construct several houses, each of which can generate passive income. Furthermore, you can purchase skins for balls at random. There are numerous ball types to choose from, so you can always find a skin that suits you. As you might expect, neither building a mini-town nor purchasing skins will aid you in the process of solving puzzles. Pull the Pin MOD APK with Unlimited Money from TechToDown can help you solve your money problems. That way, you can amass a large number of coins and use them to buy skins for your balls, as well as construct a mini-city to bring in additional revenue. Isn’t that your goal?

Final words

Whether you enjoy puzzle games or not, Pull the Pin MOD APK will keep you entertained for hours. There are over a hundred exciting levels to choose from. Download it now for free from TechToDown and see for yourself.


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