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Podcasts are well on their way to replacing traditional radio shows, just as music streaming has surpassed purchasing physical music mediums such as CDs, and digital streaming services such as Netflix have replaced physical rental stores (and slowly replacing television as well). We live in an internet-centric era where even games can be played without owning gaming hardware, thanks to the magic of streaming.

So, if you’re looking for the best Android app for streaming your favorite podcasts, Podcast Addict MOD APK has you covered. With over 4.5 million Podcasts, 120,000 Radio channels, and 20,000 audiobooks, it is the leading Podcast listening app on mobile, with over 10 million downloads. Is it any surprise that it is so popular? Continue reading!

Introducing to Podcast Addict

Whether you’re doing laundry, driving home from work, or working out at the gym, podcasts are a great way to fill your time with the latest news, comedy shows, in-depth storytelling, and so much more.

Podcasts are the new radio stations, and there are many to choose from, but which one is the best? Without further ado, please accept our recommendation: Podcast Addict. And now let’s take a look at what distinguishes Podcast Addict from other Android listening apps:

Diverse Podcasts of various contents


Podcast Addict allows users to search for Podcasts by name or keywords, with over 2 million Podcasts and over 50 million episodes. Furthermore, some user-friendly search engines include Podcast Addict, Apple Podcast, and The Podcast Index. You can also search for Podcasts by category, network, etc. Furthermore, Podcast Addict recommends a plethora of Podcasts that are similar to what you are currently listening to. It also supports RSS feeds for both private and premium Podcasts.

Highly customizable playback option


Podcast Addict currently has a separate player for those who want to listen to Podcasts directly within the application. Many features, such as audio adjustment, playback speed, and mono playback, can be customized with it. Furthermore, advanced playback features such as random mode, loop mode, and sleep timer have been added.

Many automatic functions

This app has a lot of automatic features that make it very appealing to users. You can set up automatic updates and download an unlimited number of Podcasts. Users can also control the app using Intents with third-party apps. You can also use Google Drive to automatically backup and restore Podcasts to avoid data loss.

Simple to use controls


Podcast Addict offers an intuitive control system, allowing users to have the most enjoyable listening experience. You can reorder Podcasts on Podcast Addict by dragging and dropping them. You can also notify and control Android Wear, Android Auto, Pebble, and other devices. With full-screen vertical views, bookmarks, and notes, you can also have a variety of other visual preferences.

Multiple languages

Podcast Addict is available in hundreds of countries. By clicking on the earth icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can select your geographic area. Following that, the app will connect you to appropriate Podcast channels.

Why should you get the Podcast Addict MOD APK?

Podcast Addict will make people addicted to a plethora of podcast channels due to the possibilities and convenience it provides users in order for them to have the best listening experience possible. However, it is subsidized by advertisements, which can be small banners at the bottom of your app screen or infrequent full-screen ads. Isn’t this annoying? This is where the Premium version of Podcast Addict comes in. It only costs a dollar per month to use all of the premium features, and you can cancel at any time. You can purchase the app now if you want to fully enjoy Podcasts.

For those who want a free Podcast Addict Premium membership, make use of the Podcast Addict MOD APK on our website. This is a modified version that grants you lots of advanced features as listed below:

Remove all advertisements.

Choose the opening screen.

Additional themes.

Disable sponsored podcasts.

When sharing, remove the app name.

Contribute to the app’s long-term viability as revenue declines.


Overall, Podcast Addict MOD APK is a popular podcasting app with a variety of useful advanced features. With a large number of users and many positive reviews, it has proven to be excellent. Use the link provided here to download the app and try it out for yourself. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section. Have a blast!



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