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Plexamp MOD APK is a stunning, committed Plex music player that offers a ton of features for audiophile purists, music curators, and music enthusiasts of all ages seeking their next fix in sound. Imagine being an audiophile who is so passionate about music that you devote your entire being—your heart, soul, and engineering skills—to building a wholly unique music player for people who share your passion. And Plexamp MOD APK accomplished precisely that. With this app, you can re-discover, collect, or totally lose yourself in the music that helped create you.


What is Plexamp?

What about some relaxing music after a long day at work? Sounds like a plan, right? We know you love music, so the world of technology is experimenting with various methods to improve the viability of music streaming apps. Plexamp is one such program that has altered the way people listen to music and has gained a big number of clients with over 100,000 downloads.

The program is based on the Electron platform and plays music using an open source audio player called Music Player Daemon.

Users can take advantage of seamless transitions, gapless playback, and a global activation hotkey (similar to Spotlight on a Mac). However, that barely scratches the surface. Let’s explore the features a little more closely.

Search for desired songs on your phone

When the app is active, you may search for any song, artist, album, or playlist on your phone by using the search box at the bottom of the screen. Simply begin typing to view a live list of results.

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Discover new music

Music discovery tools are one of the most important drawbacks of desktop music players. They just lack the capabilities of tools found on Spotify, Google Play Music, and other streaming services.

Of course, you’ll always be limited to the music on your Plex server, but with automatic playlists for Recently Played, Recently Added, Recent Playlists, and more, you’re bound to uncover some hidden treasures.


“Radio” music apps are nothing new. For a few years, Spotify has offered artist radio, and the other major streaming providers have all followed suit.

Plexamp takes a different approach to the theme. The larger your music selection, the better your radio experience.

You can select one of three radios:

  • Library Radio: The playlist is built using popular or highly rated tunes from your library.
  • Time Travel Radio: Time Travel bases the playlist on the year of the song. It begins with early tunes and progresses to the present.
  • Artist Radio: This follows the same logic as the Spotify equivalent. Choose an artist, and Plex will blend their work with comparable artists.
  • Other Features

There are a few smaller features that also warrant a mention.

  • Multiple Libraries: If you have a local library and someone has shared a library with you, you can flip between them with ease.
  • Seekbar: The track seekbar has taken its design cues from Soundcloud. Drag your mouse to move around the song.
  • Visualizer: Click on the VIZ icon to activate the on-screen visualizer.
  • Lyrics: Click on the LYR button to see a song’s lyrics (if they are available on the server).

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What is special about Plexamp MOD APK? 

As you might know, Plexamp is a premium feature for personal media pros that requires the purchase of a Plex Pass membership. But you can enjoy this great app at no cost if you make use of the Plexamp MOD APK on our website. In this MOD, all the premium features are at your disposal. As such, you will not have to break a hole in your wallet.

Key features of Plexamp MOD APK

  • Premium unlocked
  • Free

Conclusion of Plexamp MOD APK

To sum up, Plexamp MOD APK is a small tool that functions as a Plex Media Server companion and enables you to completely enjoy your music collection. Given that the application is all about minimalism and should be simple to use, you might want to give it a try.


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