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May 24, 2021
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Mentioning Plants vs Zombies is a flood of childhood memories. Honestly, this game is so famous and popular that everyone, from children to adults, enjoys this game. Following the success of this hit game series, Plants vs Zombies 3 Mod Apk will definitely not let you down.

The plot of Plants vs Zombies 3

Plants vs Zombies 3 is the latest project in the Plants vs Zombies series, which has just been released by Pop Cap Games and EA and has immediately made a big impression with the defense game genre. This is a game not to be missed if you love tower defense games or if you are a fan of the Plants vs Zombies series. Join the war with zombies, and protect the garden from zombies that eat human brains. This is also a fun game, with a popular strategic defense element.

The most outstanding compared to other versions in terms of character design, 3D images, and vibrant sound. In particular, integrate more gameplay to throw players into new experiences. Gameplay has more activities for players to do than simply joining the fruit army and fighting anymore. Plants vs Zombies 3 Mod Apk requires players to plow hoes to be able to pass the next levels, collect gold coins, demon stones to unlock crops, and zombies.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Mod Apk

Upgrade your orchard, upgrade your house, and market. Overall, the 3rd version is really quite busy for players. However, these are also incredibly cool discoveries, a fascinating change worthy of play. This game remains the same content compared to the previous version.

They are everywhere, infecting every living thing possible. They have discovered you in the house and are looking for a way to eat your brain. But before entering the house, the zombies must step through your garden. With over 10 years of movie-watching experience, zombies can’t spread disease to plants. Maybe it’s because the virus doesn’t work on plants, or maybe no manufacturers have exploited this yet. Grow plants that have the ability to fight to repel attacks of zombies.

How to play this great game?

The rules of Plants vs Zombies 3 follow tower defense rules. Your garden is divided into 5×7 plots of land. With the horizontal screen of the phone, you drop each plant on any plot of land you want. Note that each plant has a price in sunlight.

Your garden will be constantly attacked from the right side by zombies. You have to time them well if you want to stop them. As soon as a zombie enters the house, the game will be over. Zombies are of different types and they come from many different places. Of course, after each level, more powerful zombies will appear, but in return, you have more powerful plants with unique skills. You have to complete the levels to unlock more new crops.

In this version, you don’t need to collect the sun to get light. Besides, you also do not need to grow sunflowers to harvest the sun to be able to buy items or other plants like the original version. The light automatically increases over time, you can choose any type of plant when there is enough light required.

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What are the special features of Plants vs Zombies 3 Mod APK?

Various maps

Plants vs Zombies 3 Mod Apk

Plants vs Zombies 3 has a map that helps you know what stage of your journey you are in. There are many locations that you can explore such as Egyptian pyramids, ancient temples, rainforests, etc. For each location, you need the right plants because zombies have many different types. Some plants can be strong in this area, but can also be completely harmless against zombies in other areas for example with powerful trees on the daytime map, but with the night map but this tree will be weak and cannot be strong, so choose the trees that are suitable for each map.

Beautiful graphics

If you have played the previous two games, you may have noticed that this version has been upgraded quite well in terms of graphics. Sharper, more realistic 3D images. The colors are also very bright and harmonious. Besides the beautiful graphics, the sound is also done quite well with the fun sounds of trees and zombies. Because the graphics are relatively simple, the game can be easily compatible with most Android devices.

Unlimited suns

In the Mod APK version, you don’t need to grow sunflowers anymore because this special feature is not in previous versions of this game, there is the unlimited sun that means you will have many faces heaven and you can use it to buy plants with higher fighting ability.

Is this wonderful game easy to download and install?

Yes, it is very easy to download and install, you just follow some instructions below:

  • First of all, you need to uninstall the previous version and download the APK, OBB files.
  • Then, you need to have third-party party permission before making the next step.
  • Follow the instructions in the picture above and waiting 10 seconds to complete the installation.
  • Find the amazing game on your device and enjoy it immediately!

In short, Plants vs Zombies 3 is a game that is easy to understand, easy to play, not complicated because this is an upgrade of the previous version, so it will have great utilities. Anyone can play this wonderful game, with this new version it has a lot of difficult levels with powerfully armed zombies that will take you a month to get through. However, do not be discouraged, because it has a lot of interesting and funny scenes. Besides, this game also allows you to download it completely free. What are you waiting for, download and experience it right away!

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