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MOD info?

Download PC Creator 2 MOD APK – the latest version for Android. PC building simulator for tycoon fans. Enjoy the fun idle game and idle miner.

  • Unlimited Money (Money increases when spent!)



PC Creator 2 MOD APK is an improved 2.0 version of the PC Creator simulator game. In this game, you can try your hand at being a PC builder, mining farm owner, and computer shop owner all at the same time. Throughout the game, you must complete the orders of your service’s clients. You offer almost all computer-related services, such as building a PC from the ground up, installing software or games, changing computers, completing orders, becoming a bitcoin or dogecoin miner, and much more.

Is PC Creator 2 interesting?

Following the success of the first version, PC Creator 2 was born with numerous notable improvements. In this game, you will be the boss of a large commercial chain store specializing in the sale and design of PC software. You must complete countless challenges in the game with the ultimate goal of enriching yourself.

PC Creator 2 - PC Building Sim Mod

Build a PC from scratch

PC Creator 2 gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to build your own computer, from selecting computer parts to installing the operating system and testing various software and games. So, you have control over the PC’s built-in 3D mode, as well as the installation of operating systems, drivers, games, and software.

After selecting the appropriate device, configure the computer’s operating system to meet the user’s requirements. It doesn’t matter if you use Linux, macOS, Windows, or Chrome OS. The final step is to put various software and games to the test. If you enter incorrect information, the PC will be unable to run games and software smoothly and reliably. You create a suitable PC set based on the needs of playing each different game or different purposes.

3000+ accessories

There are numerous computer parts in the free “PC Creator.” However, there are now thousands of genuine PC details available. Yes, there are over 3000 computer components waiting for you. The game’s accessories are real in real life, down to the smallest details. This game includes the most modern and advanced accessories. Consider how you will rise above them and enjoy this mining tycoon game.

Improve your service center

Throughout the game, you must complete the commissions for your service center’s clients. You will earn money and experience for completing tasks. With each new task, you’ll get closer to buying modern equipment, setting up an office, and improving your service center.

PC Creator 2 - PC Building Sim

Large trading platform

It’s fantastic that PC Creator 2 allows players to learn and recognize computer components. While on duty, you can learn how to resolve computer issues such as virus removal. The game, in particular, creates a massive trading floor where you can trade PC items with other players. Limited parts may be available from those merchants.

Learn how to make your PC better

Because the PC Creator Game was created to be as realistic as possible, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn how to fix bugs and improve your PC. You’ll also learn how to choose new computer parts that are more powerful and compatible. Furthermore, this game will teach you how to repair your computer, remove viruses from it, and become a bitcoin miner, among other things.

What to expect to the PC Creator 2 MOD APK?

PC Creator 2 provides you with a thrilling PC-building experience. For those who enjoy PC technology, this will be an excellent game. Come to PC Creator 2 MOD APK if you want to try out the latest, most powerful PC accessories without spending any money.

This is a modified version that allows you to use an unlimited amount of money. Simply exchange bitcoins for in-game currency and spend it as you see fit. Furthermore, with our assistance, you will have access to all items that are only available for real money donations. As a result, the mod includes features such as unlimited money and free shopping.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads


If you enjoy technology, you simply cannot ignore PC Creator 2 MOD APK. This is a game that simulates a geek job. You can interact with your friends, learn about their experiences, and exchange items. The computer world is vast and full of fascinating information. Discover and overcome the challenges of being your own corporate boss.


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