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Mar 6, 2024
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Do you have a need for running multiple accounts on one device? Parallel Space Pro APK is the solution! The application allows users to copy and run up to five different accounts at once. You can use this app to create separate social media profiles, or just keep your personal information private from your employer! It’s also great for gamers who want an account specifically for gaming. Download now and experience the benefits of Parallel Space Pro APK now!

Parallel Space mod apk

About Parallel Space Pro

Using Parallel Space, a user can open multiple social media accounts or mobile games at the same time. This multitasking app lets you manage all of your online activity from one screen without ever having to close an account and go back into it later!

Parallel Space is the perfect solution for those who frequently use more than one social media account on their phone and want access to two or more gaming profiles at once rather than juggling them between different devices. The application allows users to toggle through each profile with ease so they never have trouble accessing what they need when needed whether that’s managing work-related notifications during personal downtime, playing new levels in hit game updates while waiting in line somewhere else, navigating both professional life as well as personal relationships simultaneously, or just browsing through different feeds to see what’s happening in the world.

The application is available for free, but offers premium features that allow users to enjoy a smoother experience with less hassle and more quality of life outside of work. Parallel Space Pro APK also comes packaged with an array of helpful tools like battery-saving modes, apps management filters, notifications alerts during multitasking sessions so that messaging doesn’t get lost when switching between profiles.

Parallel Space Pro APK free download

Features of Parallel Space Pro APK

  • Multiple Accounts – The application is capable of running multiple accounts on one device. This allows for professional and personal lives to be separated, so that both can run simultaneously without any worry. It also means browsing through different feeds doesn’t take up the phone’s memory or battery life.
  • Parallel Space Pro version – Users will have access to premium features like battery saving modes, app management filters, notification alerts during multitasking sessions, which ensures messaging does not get lost when switching between profiles.
  • Copy Mode – Allows users to copy their current account in order to create a new profile with some added tweaks such as changes in launcher settings and wallpaper
  • Button Management – Provides tools necessary for managing buttons within the user interface.
  • Shortcut Widgets – These can be placed on the home screen for easy access to a specific app, contact or webpage.
  • App Management Filters – The filters allow you to set priority levels for applications which will help save battery life when multitasking by prioritizing necessary apps (messages, phone) over unnecessary ones (social media). You can also filter out any application that may have been running while in inactive mode so it does not take up both memory and power unnecessarily. This was designed especially for those who use their phones with networks like Free Mobile where they are allotted only a certain amount of data that can be used in a monthly billing cycle.
  • Parallel Browser – A great feature for those who travel or live abroad is the ability to use one app and browser for both your work life as well as personal space. By using this, you will no longer need to download multiple browsers with all their different languages, search engines, history files etc., which could take up unnecessary memory on your device.
  • File Manager – Allows users to access all media content saved onto their phone including music, videos, documents and photos without having to go through the file manager application each time they want to open an individual type of file (e.g.: pictures). This also allows them easy editing opportunities by making it possible for them to change file names, make copies of files and delete unwanted ones.

Parallel Space Pro APK techtodown

  • Dual Window – Allows users to open two different applications on the same screen for easy multitasking between them both (e.g.: typing an email while reading a document). This feature is also available in stock Android but can be more convenient when managing multiple accounts with Parallel Space Pro APK because it allows you to assign apps or shortcuts that are not present by default on other devices.
  • Phone Booster – A system cleaner that cleans temporary data from your device such as cookies, cache memory, history records etc., which may slow down performance over time if left unchecked and cause your phone to lag more often than usual.
  • Task Killer – Kills background processes running in the background, freeing up memory and making your phone faster.
  • Data Encryptor Parallel Space Pro APK mod – Allows you encrypts the data on your SD card so that it cannot be accessed by other people except those who know the password or pattern used to unlock it.
  • WiFi Manager Pro – This is an excellent tool if you’re in need of securely managing access points on multiple devices simultaneously using your Parallel Space account (e.g.: when traveling). It also comes with a feature called “WiFi Finder” which scans nearby hotspots for better connection quality and signal strength before choosing one based off these metrics instead of just proximity like most other apps do.
  • App Lock – This is a very useful option that allows you to auto lock the device after specified intervals of inactivity. It also prevents unauthorized access by locking your phone or tablet with an unlock pattern, PIN code, password, and fingerprint.
  • APK Manager Pro – Allows you install multiple apks from different sources on one device without having to change settings every time for each individual application. You can even use this app to backup installed applications so they are saved as .apk files which makes them easy to share if need be but there’s not an option for backing up data (e.g.: pictures) like some other similar programs have available–though it’s unclear why someone would want those backed up when they can just be easily accessed from the Gallery.

Parallel Space Pro APK Free Download

Parallel Space for Android is the perfect solution when you need to have multiple accounts and browsers on your phone. With Parallel Space, it’s easy to manage all of your different social media sites along with work-related emails without having any privacy concerns or security risks from using an unknown app. Download this app now!


What can Parallel Space Pro APK be used for?

The application is used to create a parallel space and copy and run multiple accounts on one device. It takes up minimal resources so that there’s plenty of memory left over for all the other apps you’re running at the same time, too!

What are some features in Parallel Space Pro APK?

Parallel Space Pro APK has a built-in file explorer, supports all types of archives, and even allows you to share files with other apps. It also includes an image viewer that lets you view any pictures or videos in your library without having to open another app for it! This is just the tip of the iceberg, too!

What is Parallel Space Pro APK‘s file explorer?

The built-in file explorer can easily find your files, whether you know where they are or not. It supports all types of archives so you’ll never be stuck without access to a certain type of document and the image viewer lets you preview pictures in any library on your device!


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