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May 10, 2022
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Quality chases are a favorite pastime of speed enthusiasts. That means quick response, good physics, and eye-catching visuals. To be honest, few racing games on mobile can do it well due to such requirements. Pako 3 MOD APK, on the other hand, is an exception. With its simple yet attractive gameplay, as well as insane number of levels and cars to unlock, the game promises to give you lots of unlimited entertainment.  Scroll through to see what we have to say about this game.

Introducing to Pako 3

Pako 3 makes no pretenses of easing you in. You’re thrown into a frenetic chase right away. Then you crash, die, and have to start all over again. Stay alive for a certain amount of time and you’ll unlock new items – a car, a level – before diving back in, face-first.

The game, like the others in the Pako series, takes place from an isometric perspective. You have no control over acceleration; all you have is the ability to turn left and right. It’s up to you to stay alive for as long as you can with the tools you have, all while cop cars make suicidal dashes towards you.


With such gameplay, the game necessitates a wide range of abilities from the players. For example, gliding through dense traffic areas or residential areas with a variety of obstacles. Or when you’re trying to avoid bullets from a military base, a rain of bullets falls from a military helicopter. Your car may explode at any time if you do not maintain good control.

Have a look at what makes the game interesting:

Lots of customizable cars

If you enjoy cars and fast-paced racing, you will undoubtedly love Pako 3. The game provides thousands of unique racing cars in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes for players to choose from. Players can choose their favorite racing car and refurbish and renew it so that it can become more robust and compete more intensely in the upcoming races.

30+ different levels

There are various levels to be found here. Some see you speeding down racetracks, attempting to complete a lap under a certain time limit while avoiding damage from other racers. There are also boss battles, and each chase has a unique twist to keep you on your toes. Moving trains, different tiers you can jump down, tightly packed spaces, and other hazards may be present to ensure you’re always in danger.


Complete assigned missions

When playing this game, players must complete tasks that have been assigned to them. The most important thing for you to do is escape the clutches of the cops and defeat the other racers on the track.

After completing the task, you will be rewarded with a plethora of rewards, accumulated points, and prestigious titles. During your journey, you can also collect rare and useful items to help you upgrade your car. You can also re-energise your car by donning new clothes and arming it with weapons.

What to expect to the Pako 3 MOD APK?

Pako 3 is a game for daring speed fans with a colorful design, simple rules, and dynamic gameplay. They no longer have to put themselves in grave danger by driving at high speeds on real tracks to experience the thrill and drive, the adrenaline rush, and the spirit of freedom. The game has them all.


And for those who want to enjoy the game to its fullest, we highly recommend you to download the Pako 3 MOD APK on our website. This is a modified version that grants you some benefits as listed below:

All cars unlocked

If you only play casual games, it will take a long time to save up enough money to purchase a new car. However, with the MOD version, you can select any car you want.

No Ads

It’s annoying when ads appear while you’re playing or after you’ve finished playing. However, in this MOD, all advertisements have been removed. As a result, you will have an extremely comfortable gaming experience.


If you’ve never played the previous Pako versions, you’re probably not impressed by what we’re saying. But believe us when you experience playing it, the game will make you addicted. You are about to discover an extremely interesting and one-of-a-kind gameplay. Download Pako 3 MOD APK now to discover them all!


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