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OneFootball app: all about the best in football

Our reader already knows how much we like to talk about national passion. And judging by the appeal of our tips on the best football apps like the acclaimed Futemax, that’s what people like. So, today you will meet (and fall in love) with OneFootball APK: a complete application that lets you know the latest from your team and the main football competitions in the world, to enjoy exclusive videos from Planet Bola. Time for kickoff.


What is OneFootball Live?

This is a solution that has a well-known proposal, but with features that will hardly be found in competitors. OneFootball live’s purpose is to allow its users to stay updated, in real-time, on everything that happens in Brazilian and world football. However, as we said, the developers were very efficient in improving the idea and making it, in addition to being very informative, also a great leisure option. After all, this is (or should be) the soul of football, right? Thus, the app is constantly gaining ground on the cell phones of all ball lovers and you will not be left out of it with our recommendation. But, before blindly believing what we say, let’s take a look at what makes it an indispensable app for fans and lovers of national passion.

Why choose OneFootball Brazil?

Simple. There are no competitors in terms of information and variety of content on the market. While the functionality and usability of the software – which is impeccable – is not exclusive, the offer is certainly unbeatable.

Updated news

Starting with rice and beans, the application gathers in one place the main minute-by-minute information about Planet Bola. No matter your team or the competition you follow, there’s plenty of content out there. Some of the main competitions that can be followed are:

  • Brazilian Championship series A and B;
  • Brazil’s Cup;
  • Copa Libertadores de América;
  • Premier League;
  • Europe Champions League;

And basically every major competition in the world. Although this is the most basic aspect of this type of tool, even here, the free Onefootballl already goes beyond expectations. Why?


Many of us, in addition to our teams at heart and those we like to see have the top stars in the world, we also like to follow some players, right? Or you don’t run to click on the news when the subject is Messi or Neymar? This app has exclusive pages of the top names in football, which bring together everything about them. You can follow videos, photos, breaking news that will often cover even the personal lives of these celebrities. A full plate for all fans.

Exclusive videos

OneFootball lover will not live just by reading. This is another magnificent bet of the platform, which offers users, in addition to the possibility of articles and articles in written media, videos with news, best moments, goals, and much more. The fact that the application provides this type of content that has already been edited and in great resolution should put an end to the hassle of searching other places, such as YouTube, for better moments and even goals from your team’s match and having to watch them with images bad, out-of-sync sounds and so on. Who never?

realtime games

Most likely, you can follow your favorite team’s games on multiple platforms. But, that happens only if he is one of the big ones. In this app, you can count on OneFootball for Flamengo, Corinthians, and others of lesser expression. In addition, another interesting point is that the platform has been betting heavily on a way to transmit the minute by minute in a richer and more humanized way, with differentiated comments, additional materials, videos of some bids, and much more. As a bonus, to consolidate the increase in fun facts, Onefootballl also invites users to try to get the game score right before it starts. You can see how it has fared in front of millions of users around the world. This is the basis of a recipe that does not stop winning new followers. However, if you like the Bundesliga – the German league – this app is everything you dreamed of.


Bonus: OneFootball Bundesliga

This is one of those bonuses that deserve a special topic, both for the subject matter and the potential behind it. Firstly, for lovers of powerful German teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the app allows you to watch the championship live. That’s right! This is your opportunity to see great stars like Haaland and the current best in the world – Lewandowski – showing the best of their abilities. The narrations are emotional, the experience is fluid and of high quality. It’s making popcorn and relaxing. To top it all off, it’s still possible to use your OneFootball app on a Smart TV, without difficulties, which will maximize your enjoyment. After all, as good as your cell phone is, it certainly doesn’t have a forty-inch screen and television audio, right? Finally, in addition to everything about live games, OneFootball also brings all those indispensable features, such as image and sound quality adjustments, a lot of intuitiveness, and tools that allow you to have what you want to see or read without any hassle. Ah, if you favorite a player, team, or league, you’ll still get notifications so you don’t miss a thing about them. Ufa! It’s so much good that we could go on for pages and pages. But, let’s let you discover and enjoy every moment of the experience. What about?

Download OneFootball and enjoy all of the ball universes on your mobile

As it couldn’t be different, you can count on our exclusive OneFootball Mod APK to enjoy this and more at no cost. Join an ever-growing community with this app that has brought together quality information and first-rate entertainment in one place. Our link is there, go there!


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