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What makes us love One Shade?

With methods to display notifications and make it simple to set up. Make your phone stand out even more from there. There are several tools available for use. To easily alter settings, use the personalization app. Users will make adjustments based on their preferences. One Shade is only one of the numerous apps available for mobile devices. It has a lot of great features. To be personalized the way you desire, you must meet the requirements.

Let's take a closer look at One Shade

On the phone, there are several apps with unique features. One Shade is one of the examples that will be given. Unlike other applications, it has a unique set of functionalities. Immediately will assist you in changing your image. Let’s take a closer look at One Shade and what it has to offer. There are a variety of options for customizing notifications and configuring settings. Replace the phone’s default notification.

What makes One Shade so enjoyable?

One Shade is a customizable app that allows you to customize your Android device’s Notifications and Quick Settings. In addition, the fast settings and alerts interfaces have had their interfaces and iconography updated. One Shade needs read/write access to the system, as well as the ability to rewrite some on-screen interfaces and receive notifications, in order to function. When you initially start conducting actions with the app, it will ask for these permissions.

One Shade Pro Download for Android


Customizable to the max

One Shade makes it simple to change the placement, number of icons, and quick settings of the notification screen. The following are some of the options available in the app:

  • Adjusting the arrangement: One Shade’s default layout is a 34-grid configuration. However, you may change the size from 23 percent to 99 percent.
  • In the header, there are a number of cells: In the header, you should have 3 to 9 cells. The default cell/icon size is 6.
  • The shape of the icon: One Shade may alter the form of the icon from circular to square to new shapes such as circle, star, bell, heart, label, medal, Android… depending on the device’s default settings. Simply choose the Icon item, and a list of possible icons will appear for you to choose from.
  • Groups of notifications should be separated.
  • Set the maximum number of alerts you want to receive.
  • Position and size of the clock.

One Shade Pro APK Free Download

You may also use One Shade to switch on and off additional elements, such as the power on/off button, the clock’s seconds, and the network traffic meter. You may change the colors and backgrounds of the interface in addition to the features and icons. The opacity and transparency have been adjusted. Notifications can be turned on or off. Turn on your system’s theme color scheme if you want them to change automatically.

The control panel for the settings

Colors in the backdrop can be changed. Change the color of the notification slider to give it a fresh look. You have the freedom to personalize it to your preference. You can only utilize the tools that are accessible to you. The start power button may be turned on or off. Icons of various forms. Select an icon to see it display on the screen. Create a phone with a variety of modifications. The wallpapers are all the same shade of blue. The user device is highlighted. With One Shade already selected in the options panel. On the settings panel, you may create notifications and personalize them. One Shade is not as difficult to use as you may imagine, even if you are a new user.

Intuitive interface

One Shade offers a user interface that is efficient and simple to use. Color customization, a configurable notification interface layout, quick settings, heads-up, Edge-Trigger, and a network traffic meter are the only features included. They may be found in the interface of the main page. The options are presented when you choose an item. You only need to touch to switch the function on or off, as well as to customize the icon’s appearance and the arrangement of the overview.

One Shade Pro Free Download for Android

Receive immediate alerts

For tracking purposes, all information will be transferred to you. Notifications and messages in apps. In addition, One Shade synthesizes and allows you to comprehend. Respond to incoming communications as soon as possible. You may also choose to see or remove it. All of these will make it easier to use. You may use it on any Android smartphone you have. One Shade is compatible with the majority of operating systems. Instead of using the same design for notifications, the app utilizes a completely different one. Set up and get notifications with the most comprehensive interface, step by step. Personalize your phone with One Shade.

What’s inside One Shade Pro APK?

The developer provides a discount package of up to 50% for new users. That is, instead of spending $4, you will just need to spend $2 to have access to One Shade’s premium features. The following are some of the premium features:

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Remove ads
  • Customize the background image
  • Customize background colors
  • Customize transparency
  • Customize cell layout
  • Customize the number of header cells: the header has six cells by default. When using the free version, you will not be able to change the quantity of these cells.
  • Customize the maximum number of alerts: the maximum number of notifications is currently set to eight by default. If you utilize the free version, you will not be able to increase the number of notifications.
  • Change the cell style: You may change the cell style to square, triangular, or bulb.
  • Extra unusual shapes, such as files, shields, diamonds, flowers, and pebbles, are included in the premium package.


One Shade Pro APK is an Android app that is simple to use, powerful, and handy. Hundreds of thousands of other people have downloaded the app and given it favorable feedback. You can read additional descriptions of One Shade from the developer on Google Play, as well as reviews from other users.


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