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Sep 20, 2017
Feb 27, 2024
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In this post, we will introduce an interesting entertainment game, that is Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk. In this game, you will transform into a medieval princess and embark on a fascinating adventure with your teammates. You will participate in a tale journey unlike any other in history. Let’s download the game and discover this unique story.

Introducing to Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk

Once Upon a Tower is an attractive and interesting game, from the publisher Pomelo Games. In this game, you will immerse yourself in an exciting, fabulous story about a beautiful princess who was imprisoned in a tower with a dragon. She will fight for herself to free herself from the clutches of the wicked.


Obstacles, puzzles, foes, and even the dragon himself will await you ahead. You will adventure through a fascinating medieval world with cartoon graphics that are fun and easy but offer depth in the tale. You can become a legendary female warrior capable of overcoming any obstacle in this game.

Highlight features of Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk

Exciting gameplay

Once Upon a Tower is an offline indie roguelike that takes place in the Middle Ages with top-down dungeons and lots of dark, exciting stuff. In the game, the knight before dying leaves the princess a hammer and you will just need to pick up the hammer and find breakable places to go to another floor.


You can break floors, break walls, smash the heads of little demons in the tower, and many other things. Be careful with the fire dragon, because it can suddenly shoot fire through the iron frames of the tower, causing you to burn. You can also encounter some other dangerous traps such as pits, fireballs, so on.

You’ll have a new princess form every time you respawn for a thrill of excitement. You will face more powerful enemies as you go down the lower floors. You will also get more power to make your princess stronger. Beat the levels with minions in the tower and win the game.

Changing to the characters

You can experience the game even more by changing to the characters you desire. You will see these princesses were created to represent different cultures such as Mummies from Egypt, Ninja assassins, Vikings, so on.


You have the freedom to change different styles to avoid boredom and make your game more diversified and entertaining. You will have different interesting experiences with each different character. You also see characters using various weapons to break into dungeons which makes the game more attractive.

Get a set amount of bonus, alternatives

After you defeat the opponents and complete the quests, you will gain a set amount of bonus, and you can use them to strengthen your princess. You can also get alternatives when you progress to and begin the next level. You can use iron shoes to descend and crush the monster on your own.


Use the shield to defend yourself against certain traps. Magnets can assist you in attracting valuable stuff. In addition, the game also offers many great goods to help you decorate and invest to help you grow.

Many different levels

To help you not be bored while enjoying the game, Once Upon a Tower has many different levels for you to experience. You will face a new difficulty every time you go further. You can encounter newer, more sophisticated traps everywhere and stronger, faster monsters.


You need to be cautious because lots of dangers ahead are waiting for you. If you lose, you’ll have to start over from the beginning, so quickly avoid dangerous traps and explore the fastest route to your destination.


With Once Upon a Tower, you will have hours of fun and enjoyment with the scenes with some amusing forms. In the game, medieval background with a bright cartoon style, classic yet concise, definitive, and modern will immerse you in it.

The image of the princess is built with various attractive shapes, from soft and graceful with long hair to dark brown hair, short and tall. Traps, foes are also plentiful, and the game’s color scheme will take you on a fascinating long journey.

Why should you download Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk?

Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk is a modified version of the game we provide for free on our website Techtodown. With our mod version, you won’t encounter in-app purchases and ads that interrupt your experience like in the original version.

We unlocked all the advanced features of the game for you, so you can enjoy the game without any worries. You can buy anything in-game you want without paying any fee and without ads in our mod version affecting your game experience.

Final words

Download Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk and experience an addictive tower runner arcade game. Join the game and plan with the princess to dig a tunnel to escape the tower and be free from the evil fire dragon. You will have to fight many opponents and overcome obstacles to complete the mission to escape the tower safely. Use your acumen and skills to make a successful escape.



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