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Jul 4, 2019
Feb 25, 2024
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NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK – AMOLED Notification Light is a smartphone LED notification app. Even though the app was tested on an OP6T, it should operate on most Android Oreo phones and up. The notifications are displayed in color on the OP6screen at all times. Please download NotifyBuddy Premium APK right away so that every message will be accompanied by an LED notification on your device, improving notification efficiency.

Introduce NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK

NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK is now available for free on Google Play; you may download it and try it out right now. However, this version will be confined to only a few features, which I believe are essential. These are two options for resizing LEDs and increasing downtime.

You can upgrade to the Premium edition for an additional fee; the cost is reasonable and well worth the investment.

NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK contains all of the features of the standard Premium version, but it is entirely free.

NotifyBuddy Premium APK

Adjust LED animation time

The problem with the default LED notification light on smartphones is that there is often no option to customize it. Since it is built within the phone, you cannot tinker with it in the settings. The good news is, when you use NotifyBuddy, you can change the LED animation time from 1 to 10 seconds. This is the time it takes for the LED light to finish one blink.

Different LED colors

If you fancy a red color for better visibility, you can do so with NotifyBuddy. But in the default one, it is usually just the color white. But in NotifyBuddy APK app whatever color you want; you can change it anytime using the color wheel!

Positions of LEDs

The majority of LED notification lights are found on the top or bottom of cell phones. NotifyBuddy, on the other hand, maybe adjusted to show nearly anywhere on the screen! You have the option of placing it at the top, bottom, upper left corner, lower right corner, or middle.

Changing the size of the LEDs

You may even change the size of the LEDs to make them as little or as large as you desire. This is especially useful for persons who have trouble seeing. They have no cause to miss any notifications now, thanks to the app!


You can use the premium version to make it stop working for a specific length of time. That is the extent of the app’s modification tools.

Downloading is completely free

The best part is that you may download and use this app for free! It is also compatible with any Android phone, not only the OnePlus 6T!

NotifyBuddy Premium APK

How does NotifyBuddy work?

So, we know that most phones include notification lights as a hardware feature. As a result, if they stop working, the only option is to go to the phone center. But how did Notifybuddy’s developer accomplish this feat?

  • First and foremost, he developed an app, specifically an app. This fixes the issue because it does not require physical installation on your phone.
  • It functions just like a genuine notification light.
  • Unlike the usual notification light, it also provides you with a number of other options.

Basically, all you have to do is download the app and then use it like any other app. Isn’t it brilliant? You no longer need to pay the phone center to resolve this minor annoyance. To utilize it, simply turn off the Ambient Display and any other battery-saving features on the phone. Then you will be able to select which apps you want to use it with.

Highlight Features Of NotifyBuddy Premium APK

Basically, if you want the best features and experience while still supporting the developer, utilizing the original version of the app is the best choice you can make right now. You have also chosen to utilize NotifyBuddy with the mod version you have received.

As a result, downloading the application and using this modified version provides you with a number of benefits. Here are some of them:

Premium Unlocked

There is no need to be concerned about losing a lot of money if you become addicted and become interested in the premium content that is supplied to you. Because everything paid for in the original version can be free in the mod version, you simply have to make sure you have a method to acquire the professional version in the future.

No Ads

It may take some time before you discover that using an app that is loaded with unsuitable adverts and covers the phone screen gives off a bad impression to a lot of people. It is only that no single person can be held responsible.

Some users are free, and they love using the NotifyBuddy Premium APK application with adverts that show in the center of the application while it is running. Others find this bothersome, and they try to access NotifyBuddy Premium APK using the mod features given.

NotifyBuddy Premium APK

Battery Optimization

You are free to use this application in accordance with its general functions as long as it is running. It is only that you also get access to the battery optimization tool, which allows you to fine-tune your app usage and the battery you have on hand.

Amoled notifications

NotifyBuddy Premium APK allows you to see AMOLED notifications for each application you categorize, which come with a variety of interesting icons. You can also select which notifications you want to get here.

You may even design in color and use AMOLED lettering with some of the features here. That way, you can apply whatever style you wish to it.

BLED animation and notify missed calls

Even though this application is not as well-known as others, it is unique in that it allows you to customize numerous LEDs. Customizable time, form, and position, among other things.

NotifyBuddy Premium APK puts a premium on alerts, and you’ll find a feature that provides greater notifications when a call is missed.

Additional Premium features open

By choosing to download the mod version of the tool, you will gain access to all of the premium features of the premium NotifyBuddy app. and of them, such as LED Light Size and Downtime.

  • Change LED animation time.
  • Change LED colors.
  • Change the LED position.
  • Notify for missed calls.
  • Change LED size (Premium required!)
  • Add Downtime (Premium required!)


Nothing can stop you now; simply download the NotifyBuddy Premium APK to your device and enjoy the new and intelligent notifications. Make receiving notifications on your phone more enthralling and enjoyable. We hope that this application will provide users with the greatest level of satisfaction and trust and that after using it, users will appreciate it.


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