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If you’re seeking for a ninja game, Ninja Escape MOD APK is the game for you. This is an obstacle racing game in which you must accompany a ninja as he attempts to flee from a samurai. Follow our words to learn more about this game.

Introduce about Ninja Escape

The creative Yso Corp studio is now offering us a trip back in time to the Japan of the ninjas and samurai. Our task will be to guide a fleeing ninja through a maze of obstacles and foes in order to reach the finish line.

Ninja Escape is an action-packed obstacle racing game with trademark 3D graphics from the studio. We’ll be controlling a ninja with a variety of unique skills that we’ll need to use if we want to make it to the end alive.

The gameplay is simple, yet it requires the player’s undivided attention at all times because danger lurks at every turn. Our character advances automatically as we move him from side to side and press on the action buttons to select routes, leap, hurl shurikens, or fly in a hang glider, among other things.

The game includes many heroes that we will be able to unlock as we progress. All of this adds up to a varied, unique, and fascinating experience… yet the barrage of advertisements may try the patience of just about everyone. If we try it and like it, we could consider purchasing the ad-free version.

Ninja Escape Mod

Tips for playing Ninja Escape

There aren’t many ninja games as entertaining as Ninja Escape. Although the game is basic and easy to play, even youngsters can enjoy it because it involves running, jumping, sliding, and flying to escape the samurai. Many people may struggle and become stuck at a certain level, therefore here is a guide for you.

Tip #1 – Learn the Basics

You may constantly develop yourself as long as you understand the fundamentals. I know you can reach the first 15 to 20 levels. Still, as you progress and reach levels 30-40, etc., the levels become increasingly difficult. So, if your basic foundation is solid, you will be able to overcome by playing the same levels repeatedly; yes, the key to overcoming the level is to keep playing it till you clear it. There are no shortcuts, and if you’re unfamiliar with the controls, you’ll simply need to tap to leap, slide down your finger to make your character dodge downwards, and use your fingers to lead your character around the track.

Tip #2 – Stay Alert

In this game, staying alert is critical since obstacles will be hurled at you at random. You must overcome these hurdles, whether they are samurais or extremely difficult to avoid blanks in order to avoid or kill the samurais. I strongly advise you to walk sideways or to the fourth point, as samurais can utilize peers to murder you.

Ninja Escape Apk

Tip #3 – Watch Ads in Ninja Escape

It’s okay if you die because you can always be revived by viewing an ad; you can also unlock skins and clothes by watching ads, which is beneficial for folks who dislike ads. I’d also like to point out that the advertisement appears on occasion. So it’s best to watch a couple during the game so that the advertisements don’t show at random and you earn at least a reward for doing so.

Download the Ninja Escape MOD APK

If you are among those who feel ads annoying, then we have a solution for you. That is downloading Ninja Escape MOD APK on our website. This is a modified version that grants you the Unlimited Money option. As such, you can unlock all the skins and outfits without having to watching ads or spending your real money.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads



So, that’s all we want to share with you about Ninja Escape MOD APK. Download the game right now and enjoy unlimited entertainment the game brings.


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