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Jun 7, 2011
Mar 30, 2024
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Get the Neutron Music Player MOD APK from TechToDown. Enjoy high-quality audio playback with user-friendly features and options for audiophile-grade sound.

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Neutron Music Player MOD Apk is a music player with high-quality audio playback. It has user-friendly features and options for audiophile-grade sound. Connect your devices to many audiophile-grade DACs and enjoy rich and detailed sounds.

Neutron Music Player

As you explore, also experiment with many accessible and useful audio playback features. You can use these to enjoy smooth, satisfying experiences with your awesome mobile app. You can try out different music and sound files systemwide and listen to them at the highest possible audio quality. With Neutron Code’s app, you can find out more about products with our complete reviews.

Introducing Neutron Music Player

It’s difficult for audiophile Android users to find an app that can fully utilize their needs. But it has become easier, thanks to Avee Music Player and Neutron Music Player. With amazing features and powerful engines, these apps will take full advantage of your hardware and allow you to enjoy your favorite music anytime. Don’t be restricted by the limits of your smartphone. Connect it to powerful DACs and play DSD files at any resolution you need. Enjoy sharp and clear soundings that will elevate your headphones and other hardware.

Neutron Music Player Mod Paid Techtodown

While it may seem like a normal app, you can also use it as a music player. It’s rich with features, so it will be much more user-friendly and accessible.

Highlight Features Of Neutron Music Player Mod APK


Neutron Music Player is an app on the Google Play Store. However, you need to pay to unlock the app. With it, your device must be at least Android 2.3 or higher. This is because Neutron Music Player only offers features that are compatible with these systems. When you install an Android application, pay attention to its requests. These are the permissions needed to enable the full application, which is necessary for your Android devices. For example, you might need to share your location or your phone’s camera with the app for it to function properly.

Explore the features of Neutron Music Player

We’ve got exciting news! The app has all of these features.

Capable of listening to music with powerful features

Neutron Music Player offers 32/64-bit hi-res audio processing to accommodate HD audio files on your system. The app can handle up to 32-bit at 768 kHz with its independent decoding and audio processing, giving you the ability to fully experience the app on your device.

Neutron Music Player Mod APK Techtodown

Provide external DAC and DAP

You can use your mobile app to connect to DACs and DAPs like the iBasso DX150-DX220, Cayin i5-N5ii, Fiio X5-X7-M6-M11, HiBy R6 (+PRO), and many others. This will allow you to customize your music and create a better sound output. If you have an on-board Hi-Res DAC, the app will work even better.

Works well with all file formats and quality

Neutron Code’s music playback app also supports many file formats including MP2, MP3, OGG/Vorbis, FLAC, OPUS, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE, WV, MPC, WAV, AU, AIFF. Neutron Music Player is a powerful and versatile music player that is compatible with many different audio formats, such as SPEEX and CUE. It can also play playlist formats like M3U, PLS, and ASX and lyric files like WPL and SXPF. This means you’ll never have to compromise your listening experience again.

Sound from various sources

A cool new feature of your favorite music toy is that you can work with different playback sources. Play audio files from your toy’s storage, or connect to many network music sources, like SMB/CIFS devices, UPnP/DLNA media servers, FTP servers, and more. And last but not least, you can always play audio from internet radio streams, shout casts, and ice casts.

Neutron Music Player Mod APK Paid - Techtodown

Playback option to enjoy

Neutron Music Player offers useful playback options for Android users to get the most out of their music. It’s possible to enjoy bit-perfect audio playback, giving you the best quality possible. You can also let the app self-adjust the balance between your left and right headphones, so you can receive a comfortable and optimal listening experience. The best way to make your music more interesting is with mono audio. You can play around with all the playback modes, like shuffle, loop, single track, sequential, and queue. And you can enjoy gapless playback with seamless transitions between tracks. Neutron Music Player allows users to decide how long they want a certain song to play. You could program the device to turn the music off after a certain amount of time, encouraging listeners to focus on one project at a time.

Efficiently control your music library

Neutron Music Player is the perfect tool for handling your music library. One of its many features is the playlist manager. You can also group songs into different categories: album, artist, composer, genre, year, rating, and folder. This will make it easier to revisit or look up your favorite songs.

Enjoy in multiple languages available

Unlock the timer settings in Neutron Music Player, which will allow users to time their playback experiences. Whether it’s to create a playlist with songs that are only allowed to play for certain periods or have the device auto turn off music after a certain period, this ability is useful.

Get the most out of our unlocked apps

You can download the modified version of Neutron Music Player from our site, completely free of ads and in-app purchases. And don’t worry, it’s still the real app with all the features. Just click the button below to install the Neutron Music Player Mod APK.

FAQs about Neutron Music Player Mod APK

Q: Is Neutron Music Player Mod APK safe?

A: Yes, this is a completely safe and secure modded version of the original Neutron Music Player. It has been tested to ensure that it’s free from any malicious code, so you can rest assure that your device won’t be harmed in any way when using this app.

Q: Does the modded version contain ads?

A: No, the Neutron Music Player Mod APK does not contain any third-party ads or pop-ups. The only ads displayed are those that are necessary for the functioning of the app.

Q: Are there any extra features available in Neutron Music Player Mod APK?

A: Yes, the modded version contains several extra features such as high definition audio output and gapless playback. It also has a timer setting that allows users to control their music listening experience.

Q: Is Neutron Music Player Mod APK free?

A: Yes, you can download the modded version of Neutron Music Player for free from our website. We offer the app without any ads or in-app purchases so you can enjoy an uninterrupted experience with all its amazing features.


Neutron Music Player Mod APK is the perfect player for audiophiles. Our accessible UI, powerful applications, and fully-featured functions will provide you with an immersive playback experience. And you can always find yourself enjoying the app for free with our modded app here on our website.


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