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My Sweet Stalker Mod APK is a simulation game that was developed and published by Genius Studio Japan Inc. Every Japanese anime game always has a beautiful story and so does this game. Playing My Sweet Stalker is like reading a book, except that you can change the core and the ending you want. So in this article, I will show you some information about gameplay and installation.

My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk free

Introduce My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk

As I mentioned above, My Sweet Stalker is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan. Playing this game is like reading a book, chapter by chapter. However, you will become the main character and you can change the course of the story and how it ends. This game is considered a sexy yandere anime dating game. This means you will have a chance to enjoy sweet love with beautiful girls. With the mod version, many features have been added to the game to help you have a better experience.

Highlight Features Of My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk

The plot, gameplay, and characters

In this part, we will find out more information about the course of the story, how to play, and the main characters

The plot

The story of My Sweet Stalker Apk is quite understandable. This game is designed as a visual novel product (or electronic novel). In the game, you will be a normal guy with computer enthusiasm who loves to advise random people on the Internet. One day, you are doing your daily activities and a beautiful girl shows up. She asks you for advice and you are extremely excited to give her, the task is stable. But then, everything goes wrong unexpectedly. You freak out and block her. Unluckily, she still finds out your true identity and finds a way to your place, so now what will you do? Is this girl really dangerous? What does she want? Will you be able to protect your friends from here? There are a lot of questions and the answers will be found at the end of the story.

The gameplay

My Sweet Stalker Apk Mod has very simple gameplay. Just like other simulation games, there are conversations between characters. From there you can easily understand the content and see the problem.

After a long conversation, you will need to decide by choosing between 2 options. Each option will lead you to different results. So you can often enjoy various events, that’s why users can play this game over and over without being bored.

My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk at techtodown

Main characters in My Sweet Stalker Apk

Your story will be surrounded by 3 main characters – 3 beautiful girls. Each one has her own role and how you treat her can lead you to a happy ending or not.

  • Mei: She has been your friend since you guys were little. And Mei is the only one who knows about your anonymous advice network. She has sworn to keep that a secret. However, when things go wrong, she becomes the target of your stalkers’ love-driven rage. Will you choose to protect her or is she not what you always think?
  • Shiki: She is one of the members of your computer club. She is quite calm and emotional. When she knows about your problem, she decides to join you. Since you have been with Shiki, you enjoy being with her and she has been great with you. As she becomes the target of your stalker, she decides to run with you. Will you try to keep her safe or take care of yourself first?
  • Tatsumi: She is actually Shiki’s sister and a clever detective. She has a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. You choose to hire her after things with the stalker go worse. At first, it seems hard to figure out the identity of the stalker. But then, you soon realize she may be a bit closer to this case than you originally thought. Will you do what it takes to work with her and break the case? Or will Tatsumi be the one that breaks first?

Steps to download My Sweet Stalker Apk mod

Compared to the original application, the mod version lets you choose Premium options regardless of price. Follow these steps to get My Sweet Apk mod on your devices:

  • Select the version you want: latest or old version
  • Click the Download button
  • Wait until the countdown is over and the light green download button shows up, click that button
  • Start the progress of downloading
  • Save on file manager folder on your device
  • Open the apk file and then install it.

So now you can start enjoying the game with no limitation. With the MOD version of My Sweet Stalker, you will have a good experience with this game. In the future, TechToDown hopes they may release more and more interesting novels, reaching more and more people.


My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk is a great simulation game for people to explore and enjoy. It brings together a thrilling story, interesting characters, and an intriguing plot. With the mod version, you will have no limit and more options to make decisions during the gameplay. Overall, My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk is worth giving it try because of its unique features and thrilling experiences. I hope you can have a memorable experience with this game. And don’t forget to share your story in the comment section after playing the game!


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