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Since its release, my Hot Pot Story Mod Apk simulation game of running a Chinese restaurant has received much attention and fans. In this game, you play as the owner of a hot pot restaurant and must manage your business according to a given cooking secret.

About My Hotpot Story Mod Apk

My Hotpot Story is a story that simulates you as the owner of a high-class hot pot shop. This is perfect for a delicious and warming meal with your family on cold winter nights. If you think being the owner of a successful restaurant means sitting at home counting money, then you’re mistaken. In My Hotpot Story’s hot pot restaurant, players need to do everything themselves in order to succeed. New hot pot recipes, modern grocery shopping schedules, and training chefs, and waiters are all a part of what makes our shop so special. Our doors are inspired by Chinese culture and history, and they’re known for being beautiful as well as practical.

Hot Pot Story Mod Apk

You start the game as a chef who has recently completed their training. You have enough money to rent an old restaurant from someone else whose business went bankrupt and had to sell the property. Start by cleaning up the remnants of their businesses, such as old wooden tables and chairs, and paintings on walls that are rotting. Although the floor is cluttered with old newspapers, cups, and dishes, this ancient restaurant still has some useful tools. There are two sections to the eatery the kitchen area and the main house. It costs 350 coins to clean up the store and 200 coins to sanitize the kitchen.

Complete the quests

As the owner of a hot pot restaurant, it is your mission to serve a wide range of delicious meals. You will be responsible for preparing various hot pot dishes, greeting guests, overseeing kitchen and service staff, stocking the restaurant with appropriate supplies and decor, and opening additional locations as your business grows. The player’s objective is to fill different roles in the game in order to receive a big amount of money. By completing these tasks, they will understand how My Hot Pot Story works. Players can use this money as leverage to help the store grow rapidly.

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Hire a chef and staff

In My Hot Pot Story, players can choose from 5 different restaurant roles: waitress, cashier, bartender, chef, and receptionist. Automating the restaurant’s recipe is Investing money in these five people will help player progress quickly through the game. In this game, you can trust your team to manage the business and create a profit even when you’re not around. Washing dishes only takes as long as it does to log back into the game and by the way, in this game, it’s actually the boss that has to wash all of the dishes rather than any employees.

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Restaurant style

As the famous hotpot shop owner, you get to design this place however you like. Its walls can be white and quaint with a domed roof reminiscent of ancient Chinese architecture. Or, alternatively, you could go for a more modern European vibe by replacing all the windows with light yellow glass. No matter what style you choose, there will be a signboard in front of the restaurant with its name written in Chinese text. You can enjoy a hot pot meal while seated inside and observing the street scene through the window. You can also experience a traditional Japanese-style hot pot, with wooden sliding doors and low tables. The bonsai pots bring a cool feeling to the meal.

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Happy Parties

When your hot pot restaurant has become famous, you’ll have the money to buy expensive finished products. Instead of serving traditional hot pot dishes, you could open a buffet-style hot pot shop. A chain of conveyor belts would be placed in the center of the store, and it would be your job to quickly place available dishes on plates as they fill up the belt. Customers sit at tables and chairs and are served by staff. Once they have finished eating, your staff needs to quickly clear the table. To speed up serving crowded guests, hire more staff. There is always a big fat chef wearing a white shirt as the NPC in this game. Follow his instructions and activities to quickly integrate into the gameplay.

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Busy kitchen

The main kitchen in the store where new recipes are created is always full of smoke. There are chefs constantly moving around to make sure all the diners are happy. The kitchen is divided into different sections for different tasks. One area is for the chef’s cooking which always has burning flames. The kitchen is supplied with glass cabinets for cakes and other dishes that need to be refrigerated or kept cool. The tables are set with hotpots waiting to be served to guests. One table is dedicated solely to preparing ingredients. Slice meat, chop bones, vegetables, corn, and potatoes, and then arrange them on plates in an appealing way.


My Hotpot Story Mod Apk is an exciting game where you can play the role of a manager in a hot pot restaurant. You will be able to design meals, upgrade your restaurant, and serve customers with scrumptious hot pots. Make sure to check out My Hotpot Story Mod Apk for an immersive and enjoyable simulation game experience! It’s time to take charge of your own hot pot business and have a blast creating delicious dishes for all your customers! Download My Hotpot Story Mod Apk at TechToDown today and enjoy a unique gaming experience!


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